HideMyAss Review 2020 – Is Your Ass Well-Hidden?

HideMyAss, based in United Kingdom, has been one of the most used VPNs worldwide. To tap the secrets of its popularity, we took a deep look into the quality of services that it provides. What makes it so attractive globally and how does it manage to be in the most mentioned VPNs? Find out all the juicy techtalk by continuing reading this review.

Pricing Plans

The major factor that has us all wondering is, is this VPN worth my bucks? Well, we present you their packages so you can judge them for yourselves.
HMA’s monthly package is quite a lot to go for but the yearly package meets the industry’s average. Also, considering the tech-ttributes it has to offer, the yearly plan is nothing when compared to its other competitors.
Did you know HMA has the most frequent discount deal offers? The ones mentioned above are their general deals but if you manage to get a subscription when HMA is in the giving mood around the BIG days of the year, you can get as much as 50% off! So, our advice is to get a plan right around when the festive days manage to bring you almost everything at a fancy discount.

What does HMA actually provide you?

HMA just went through a major change. The company that HMA operated under, Privax LTD, was purchased by AVG Technologies in 2015. To twist this ownership tree, Privax just got acquired by the famous Avast which could lead HMA to go under another change of ownership.

Nevertheless, it got access to 200 million-active-user security software that is a major upgrade. The only matter that makes people flinch a little is that it is located in United Kingdom, which allows them to keep logs along with British Government Communication Headquarters’ monitoring.

Where can you find HMA?

Here’s the clincher that makes everyone go gaga for HideMyAss and that is its worldwide server distribution.
940+ servers, 120,000 IP addresses in 350+ areas, who could resist such temptation? With this wide range at your service, you can chose to jump across cities, countries and even continents virtually!
Thanks to high number of servers in Europe and North America, anyone from around the world can get access geo-restricted stuff thanks to HMA.

Considering the fact that HideMyAss is available across all platforms including iOS, Android and Windows, the disappointing edge is that HMA allows only two simultaneous connections per subscription. That is where it gets beaten by other competitors like ExpressVPN and IPVanish that allow 3 simultaneous connections or more.

What About Your Privacy Concerns?

HMA has a big disadvantage of being in United Kingdom. This is the major lock with no key out as it does come under GCHQ and under NSA type surveillances that really does not give off a vibe of completely transparency. Due to its location, HMA is subjected to keep the same policies to retain data just like all the other firms.
Even though HMA is pretty vocal about how it keeps no logs, that is not entirely true unless you stop counting connection and disconnection status, duration of usage, the amount of bandwidth used etc. which actually is a part of the “logs”.
Let’s just say, if you are in for less fishy stuff like accessing geo-restricted website for example, Spotify, Netflix etc. it’s a total win-win situation as long as you are not going for anything illegal.

Although, there hasn’t been an issue while torrenting, which is sadly illegal, during our testing of HMA, there have been instances of reported DMCA notices being sent during the usage of HMA.

The Website

We decided to make HMA’s website to go through our critical analysts’ observation. Unlikely to happen, HMA managed to tick the detailed checklist of should haves and should not haves.
With its lovely colour combination and simple to use user interface, it captures the mind of every user easily. Their detailed “How VPN Works” section includes intricate and technical specifications and theory of VPN. To further win the hearts of millions of users, it comes in multiple languages to accommodate everyone around the globe in their mother language.

Customer Support

If you do not keep your customers happy, you lose them and HMA knows exactly how to please them. With the help of emailing, blogging, community development and guidance facility, HideMyAss Support System, and LiveChat option all available on their platforms, HMA nailed at being a pleaser.

Oops! Email Response Rate

So, there is no doubt that HMA values its customers the most. That does not go along with the fact that they have a slow response rate to any queries made via mail. Emailing feature is available on HideMyAss Support page built with extreme simplicity that requires you to fill the form and enter the nature of your problem.

But the time delay always gets beaten by the detailed response in return that does solve all your problems so it is not really a bummer.
To stay on top of general public’s eyes, HideMyAss did not stay behind the race of Social Media. With fully active profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, you cannot find a single dot of doubt in their availability and popularity.

Where To Get the App?

Thanks to its easy-to-get apps on Apple Store and Google Play, there is no discrimination between the services provided to iOS and Android users. The reasonably sized apps got downloaded easy and with the help provided at every step of installation, HideMyAss was ready to use. Functions, features and design are fairly the same on iOS and Android.

Additional HideMyAss Help/Services

What can drive a person from clicking on the “Subscribe” button of any VPN? It can actually be decided on very trivial benefits/basis offered by VPNs at times. HideMyAss has tiny bit more to offer on its websites than the rest that does it give some edge. Nevertheless, the following are not the prime reason it has subscribed users.

What’s for free? PROXY!

HideMyAss’s initial popularity factor was the website that offers free proxy service. This gained HMA the necessary fame in school, college and university students that helped them access Facebook in times when there was no chance to crack into their virtual social life during school hours.
It also serves people generally free of cost which really gains HMA some free points. Due to this feature, one can choose to access any geo-restricted website of their choice providing freedom of exercising their own will.

How else are they hiding you, literally?

Anonymous Email Service
Now, email IDs are a must whenever you want to out your hands on some good services. If you are on a pursuit of wiping your trail of the particular service usage, HMA has got your back by providing Anon email service on its website, which is definitely the basic root of hiding yourself.

Anonymous Link Referral

We all have some secret admirers or secret enemies on internet. Some are those for whom we make sure they never get to know you have any strong feelings for. Now going out of the way to hide your identity seems bizarre but not to HMA! They understand the users’ need to do so hence have a fancy feature of hiding traffic ID even if you share the links to their website.
Playstore app link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hidemyass.hidemyassprovpn&hl=en_US
iTunes App download link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hma-hotspot-vpn-proxy/id675102189?mt=8

How to Sign-Up?

To check out the feasibility of the sign up process, we made an account and it could not make it easier for us to do so.

With a simple form that required minimum personal information, your own personal account is created! It then leads on to viewing different packages for timely subscriptions and then it is followed by different payment methods.

Free Trial

This is where HMA does not make anyone happy for sure. One needs to experience the service first-handedly in order to have the peace of mind that the money was well spent. But, HMA does not provide any free-trial period.
To compliment this, it has a 30 day money-back guarantee along with other web features.

What’s The Final Verdict?


  • Easiest and user friendly apps and websites
  • Additional FREE services
  • Simple installation and you’re protected.
  • Minimal personal info i.e. an email required
  • Affordable plans

Can’t Really Decide:

  • Level of protection
  • Apps lacked certain protection features

Absolutely Hated:

  • Its location in UK
  • Does not have a good privacy protection history

For all those who put their dibs on VPN to protect them do not go for HMA. For general light users, it is pretty much everyone’s preference since it is not require much technical information for setup.
With this, we conclude that one should consider other options if one’s absolute concern is literally hiding oneself.