NordVPN Review | Get the Best VPN Deal of 2023

Digital security warnings and digital world crimes always manage to shake us up if we are really hooked on to using Social Media for all sorts of purposes. But not everyone manages to understand the true hazards of information leaks and lethal hackers who breathe the same air as you and I do. NordVPN is […]

NordVPN Review | Get the Best VPN Deal of 2023

Digital security warnings and digital world crimes always manage to shake us up if we are really hooked on to using Social Media for all sorts of purposes. But not everyone manages to understand the true hazards of information leaks and lethal hackers who breathe the same air as you and I do. NordVPN is the security guard we all need before the snoopers sneak into our private world, here in this NordVPN review we will discuss each and every aspect that you need to know for making the final choice.

Why Would You Need Security?

Random pop-ups or ads on websites keep on nagging you about hiding yourself over the internet, but you nonetheless think, “Why should I worry? I am not doing anything wrong?” Here’s where you err because this is what cybercriminals feed on; vulnerability and innocence of the public under the false thought of being in a ‘non-existent’ security bubble. Security is a major concern at present and so is privacy, and due to lack of tech-security education, we are completely unaware of the things we are doing wrong to unknowingly inflict harm to ourselves. So let’s evade this naïvety once and for all!

What Should You Do?

There are multiple ways to avoid attacks from vicious criminals waiting for you to go weak. Some of the acts that harm us are:

  1. Using Public Wi-Fi
  2. Using unprotected Wi-Fi that leads to government spying on us
  3. Sharing private information without protection on the internet
  4. Downloading apps from untrustworthy sources

Today’s world has changed and credits are given to apps quenching our thirst to try new things. We have allowed unnecessary access to manufacturers all around the world. If you have watched Snowden (2016), you would definitely want to shut everyone’s eyes from seeing your information.

No one wants a peaking tom on top of them and NordVPN has just the right features to kick them away.

Ultimate Gate to Privacy; NordVPN

With all the ‘snoopies’ sneaking around to sniff the passwords and personal information out of your devices, NordVPN rushes to service and serves you every bit of protection available in the market nowadays. With NordVPN’s graceful features, ‘security’ is one thing that can stand synonymous with Nord.

Undoubtedly, the best VPN so far in terms of encrypting transfer of data online; Our test reveals, NordVPN stands unchallenged by other VPNs in terms of an absolute wipeout of all threats from your way.

What Really Makes You Vulnerable?

Just like the real world, every time you connect to the internet, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) allocates an address to you that points out your location in the virtual world. It doesn’t only tell your whereabouts over the internet, but your location describes who you are and you can be easily traced back.

ISPs are under government surveillance and have access to every activity you do via the internet. This also leads to enabling the government to “look around” into your personal activities including exchange of emails. Businessmen and entrepreneurs, as well as revolutionists, are deeply threatened by such notions since the government can shut down the whole plan even before you start it.

How Private Can You Get?

First of all, NordVPN is located in Panama. Along with its no logs policy and kill switch feature, nothing makes it more appealing to those who want to hide their trails of viral activity. No matter how you look at it, knowing that they have:

  • No government surveillance, and
  • No record of bandwidth usage and activity logs.

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Therefore, one feels reassured about the probability of trust breach which becomes absolutely zero. We highly recommend NordVPN to all those seeking secure and anonymous connection, and this review mostly speaks in the favor of NordVPN for all the good reasons.

NordVPN’s Visual Appeal

The very logo of NordVPN depicts untraceable areas like a mountainous region where security is next to impossible. At the same time, it also gives a sense of serenity and peace which you get as you are protected. The first sight of this VPN thus gives you a sense of security, trust, and its reach to far-off lands. But remember our criteria for this NordVPN Review does not revolve around how good they are in terms of branding and design, it’s more about how they make up for their claims and promises.

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The best part of NordVPN is that its server tab gives instantaneous information on the availability of its servers in the world and the traffic on each one of them. Uniquely designed with simplicity and ease of use, its attraction is unbeatable.

The neat outline of all of its servers and locations gives strong vibes of its high command over technology and services NordVPN provides. The decent classification of respective services over various servers is perfectly presented.

Considering how critical a strong VPN’s strength can be, NordVPN does a great job describing its features in lay-man language to facilitate its users and website viewers of its amazing encryption strength.

Features NordVPN Adopted For Specialization

Due to specialized servers available for specific uses, NordVPN adapts to user needs. Majorly, servers are used for simple purposes of streaming and surfing the net. For anonymous traffic routing, P2P capabilities can be used. This comes in handy for downloading torrents as well as ensuring streaming in high-speed without interruption.

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It’s important to note that not all VPN servers in your desired destination work for unlocking all restricted websites. Due to the harsh crackdown on famous VPN servers by major streaming services and government agencies, you have to consult a NordVPN representative via Live Chat. They will guide you to the most suitable servers quickly.

NordVPN specializes in the following:

  • Smart DNS
  • Double VPN
  • Tor over VPN
  • Socks5 Proxy
  • DNS servers
  • Web proxy plus extension
  • Dedicated IP (only on request)

Smart DNS – We reviewed Nordvpn’s SmartDNS feature!

It is a foolproof way of spoofing your location by tricking the internet that you belong somewhere else. This is an ideal tool to enable access to geo-restricted content, websites and apps. The availability of its servers in all major countries allows maximum reach to perks accessible to nationals of the spoofed-location only.

Is There a DNS Leak with NordVPN?

DNS leak is a major concern and we did review NordVPN on the basis of all these factors that put user’s security on a stake. Nord VPN has got its own DNS servers so we faced no leaks while testing the VPN product on windows. In case there is a leak, do clean the cache and cookies from your browser to avoid DNS leaks.

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In NordVPN’s records, more than 150 streaming services are accessible using NordVPN Smart DNS including Cartoon Network, Netflix, NBC sports, etc. As Smart DNS does not need any extra implementation or configuration procedures, it automatically runs in all NordVPN apps.

PS: Our team has tested the accessibility of all the above-mentioned channels.!

Double VPN

It is exactly what it sounds like. Just like a periscope that redirects light twice to reach the final destination, your data is routed twice between two servers to allow chaining of servers and enables double encryption via each server.

But with every rerouting comes the deficit in speed. However, if you require utmost privacy and your everyday exchange of information must remain confidential, then NordVPN’s double VPN never lets you down. It is also one of the only two VPNs in the industry featuring this facility. 

So you can enjoy the benefits of double encryption at a rate of a regular VPN. How great is that?

Onion Over VPN

To put it simply, Onion routing aka Tor over VPN is a free-of-cost utility that allows you to hide all your traffic analysis that has the potential of damaging your personal right to freedom. To avail Tor using a VPN, all you have to do is:

  • Use your computer
  • Get your NordVPN working
  • Access Tor Tab in NordVPN
  • Use the internet with utmost anonymity

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Through NordVPN, you can avail of the perks of a VPN and Tor simultaneously. A few analysts assert on the approach of using the Tor browser separately without a VPN; however, the rest of them claim that using it with a VPN is better. We go with logic, and logic says that keeping two guardians are better than one, so why not avail both and have better security, especially when one has failed to guard, just in case. Therefore, using Tor with a VPN is the best solution our experts can give you.

Cutting Long Story Short

With one single subscription, you can unlock unlimited opportunities like:

*DDoS attacks are those of multiple hosts who are all inflictors to take the service offline, rendering them useless, especially in a game when an opponent wants to beat another to get an upper hand.

Usually, single-hosted attackers are easily fended off using firewalls. However, multi-hosted DDoS attacks are impossible to curb without a VPN. Not to mention, the stronger it is, the better it is, and NordVPN best suits this slogan in terms of its unmatchable strength.

An Overview of NordVPN’s Website

In case you differ with our NordVPN review, we more than welcome all the users to come forward and email us about the flaws, issues that you have faced with NordVPN if any. You are also most welcome to share your satisfactory experiences which is more likely, Enjoy!

Reach out to us at [email protected]

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