IPVanish Review 2023 – Is It Really Good?

Increasing awareness of hacking and spying these days via the internet has caused exponential growth in traffic to VPN websites. This is a reason enough to look deeply into multiple features provided by the vast ocean of VPNs.So, put on your goggles and let us calm the waves to make you catch the right fish, […]

IPVanish Review 2023 – Is It Really Good?

Increasing awareness of hacking and spying these days via the internet has caused exponential growth in traffic to VPN websites. This is a reason enough to look deeply into multiple features provided by the vast ocean of VPNs.
So, put on your goggles and let us calm the waves to make you catch the right fish, IPVanish.

The All-Rounder

ever since IPVanish has come into being, it has had a clean slate, free of rumors of leaking information and has been brought up with constant praise. Being a prodigy in its early years, global users have high expectations of this VPN service. Keeping that in mind, IPVanish has a great record of meeting those expectations while setting new records of good execution of the job it is supposed to do.
Our VPN experts have given enough time to this VPN product and after thorough understanding and various tests we have come up with this IPVanish Review exclusively for you. There are many traits that we have found out of this VPN which have been loved by users over the years. Read on for the amazing features of IPVanish

The Cost of the Perks

IPVanish is a tricky option to select as it can be very economical or quite pricey only by the choice of package you make. So the first thing we’ll do is to guide you which package will work best for you. As a matter of fact, the monthly plan runs a little out of the common users’ budget, therefore, we would not recommended this plan to you. However, if one opts for the yearly package, the price gets pretty reasonable and it goes way down from the average rate available in the market. So yearly will save you much!

On top of the amazing yearly package, thanks to IPVanish’s generous attitude that their subscription plans are usually on discount, especially in the deal seasons. So stay on alert and mark your calendars for all the festivities of the year that are to come. 
IPVanish has a money back guarantee, this guarantee has little to offer though. In case you are not satisfied with the offered services, you can easily ask for a refund. There is no hassle in their payback policy. Nevertheless, there’s more of the perks to come, so continue reading the IPVanish review to kick the final doubts off your mind.

The Properties of the Saviour

Offered in 3 languages to accommodate most customers, IPVanish is all about quality over quantity. It offers more than 40,000 IPs through 1300+ VPN servers in 75+ locations.
The thing that makes it stand out is that it allows five simultaneous connections through a single subscription for a year now. That is way more than a usual connection availability by other VPNs and is seriously a major point for buying it.  Along with the fact that it can be found and downloaded from all platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, Chromebook, Linux, and routers, this allows you to connect on any or even all the devices you have at home.
Not only that, with 5 simultaneous connections, you can ensure your family’s security via IPVanish as well. IPVanish has got you and your family covered. If you live in an apartment or university dormitory with your roommates you can save money on any price plan splitting up the monthly bill among your roommates.

If you use Wi-Fi in hotels, coffee houses or other public areas, watch this video to see how you can protect your computer from insecure Wi-Fi connections using IPVanish.

Protector in the Realm of Invisibility

While shaping this IPVanish Review for a layman, we decided to test IPVanish for speed and ping and have come to the conclusion that IPVanish provides faster speed and a vast range of protocols for ultimate protection and encryption. IPVanish shall poof away all your viral activities along with no logs policy to the recipe of ultimate defense against spies and hackers; the power to keep you safe is all yours and just a subscription away. Keeping in view all the super qualities of IPVanish, the best one for all the privacy-conscious people is its location. IPVanish is located in the United States of America, however, since IPVanish does not keep any activity logs, they cannot hand over any substantial material while you use the internet to supervising authorities like National Security Agency, NSA.

The Know-It-All

Understanding the costumer helps in playing the harmony between the product being developed and the users’ willingness to keep using the available service. IPVanish has got it all. From every “Whys and Whens” till all the possible “Hows and Wheres”, IPVanish’s “Why VPN” page has all the solutions to even the most trivial problems that might pass the website’s viewer’s mind.

Making a great impact of providing virtual support, IPVanish’s servers get all the traffic, thanks to their proper guidance towards ensuring people’s right to privacy. They spoon-feed their users by explaining in an easier way than by a user manual. The website serves as a complete guide to the ultimate use of VPN which usually if not understood wholly, can prove to be useless, simply because the user doesn’t know all its usages.

IP Tempering Services

By changing and reallocating you a new Internet Protocol (IP) address, IPVanish takes the job of fortifying you virtually. It fights all the harmful and vicious predators that crave on breaching your personal privacy. You get a new IP address from a different country and it shows off like you are just another citizen in the allotted/chosen country. Statistically speaking, IPVanish provides around five times the average speed of its competitors. Only after 45 minutes, you can personally choose to change your IP address that is in fact, one of the best options to access as many geo-restricted websites of various countries as possible.

Quick Zoom on Website

An attractive and easy-to-interact-with platform gives off professional vibes. Having all the required info in the tabs lets the user access just the information that is required.  The “Why VPN” tab has all the basic graphical information a newbie needs to understand a VPN with. The “Apps” and “Pricing” tab is where you get down to business and get the app downloaded after a quick glance at the prices. Their Help section is well organized and divided into categories including FAQs, setup guides, troubleshooting, billing questions and announcements. It’s one of the best support centers as far as VPNs go. The FAQs are actually displayed along with them. This saves users’ time from emailing their team or browsing through categories for answers. 

Technical View of the Best Viral Guard’s App

Easy to set up with relatively smaller download file size, we didn’t find any difficulty setting up the app. The illustrated and detailed setup guides gave extensive and simple steps for installation. Apps availability on all platforms is clearly focused on IPVanish’s website. Tutorial videos and blogs provide the extra bit of help if needed.

A single click on the item instantly downloads the app/software based on your need and selection. Despite its technical demands, IPVanish did a satisfactory job in hiding those webs from the clients and kept the installation straight to the point. All the apps that were tried for testing looked promising and all had a relatively similar look and features with no discrimination between the various platforms.

Signing UP

Sign Up form consists of

  • The list of prices of the three packages
  • Only your email address
  • Selection of payment method

There’s very little personal information asked for, which signifies that they respect the users’ right to privacy. The signing up process is quick and easy which is a big attraction for the busy VPN users of today who don’t remain on any page for more than a few seconds if it doesn’t please them and turn away from lengthy forms. Any app that asks for too much personal data lights up the red bulb in their mind.

The Giver  

IPVanish might even surprise you! If you are lucky enough while going to sign up, IPVanish might just grant you an extra discount just as shown in the picture below.

Stay tuned to the website for more amazing discounts and you never know, you might actually be in for a treat!

The Cherry On The Top!

The subscription-winning factor of IPVanish is the fact that IPVanish has gone through great lengths of incorporating each and every facility available on the website to Android users. This has enabled a great number of users to switch from laptops and desktops to their personal phones, thanks to this app. 
It’s no secret that Android users have often left behind in terms of user experience and updates by many apps. Developers are hesitant to invest in updated Android apps because there are multiple versions of Android and the majority of their consumers may be Apple users.
The ease of access to various functions such as the kill switch to shut down all activities and speed testing measures on cellphones is a blessing IPVanish is proud to offer. Smooth running across various devices can be the deciding factor in an IPVanish review. Since they care for the demands of users of every operating system, it’s hard not to give them a good rating.

Interaction With the Makers of The Defender

LiveChat has always been its strength, but due to reasons unknown, it is now unavailable. The usual ticket system is incorporated in the “Support” Section and it is accessible by users 24/7. Customer care can make or break a brand. One of the main reasons for IPVanish VPN reviews being largely positive is that they invest time and energy in their Live Chat feature. They have a dedicated team of trained professionals who are quick to identify and solve issues. This is particularly convenient when you need to find a specific VPN server for a streaming service like Netflix. This is a bit of a tricky business because some servers of popular VPN providers like IPVanish are blacklisted by these apps for allowing geo-restricted content to be accessed illegally. You cannot manage things like this on your own, so a little fruitful interaction with your VPN provider is necessary.
Nevertheless, the intricately detailed and photographic overview in the help section proves to be sufficient as it does cover all aspects from why a VPN is needed till the last bit where you have a working VPN running smoothly on any sort of device you have.

The Untraceable!

Who would not like to pull a stunt to stay under the invisibility cloak for as long as possible? No one likes the magic to wear off. That is where IPVanish wears an armor-like defense! It has an automatic IP refresh option that allocates a new IP address once every 45 minutes.

To make this process even better, it automatically runs the kill-switch before switching the IP address, rendering the surveillance agencies’ tracking tools useless as tracking you on multiple and different IPs is virtually impossible.
The new dream solely granted by IPVanish at the most affordable price is known as IP cycling. This alone deserves to make IPVanish reach the top!

Hate Or Love

To wrap it up, IPVanish is hard to beat. Suitable and preferable for HD streaming and torrenting due to its efficient speed delivery as well as keeping its users anonymous, there does not exist a single beat that IPVanish has missed.

Perfectly adapted to keep its clients rotating and rattling around the world’s axis every 45 minutes is an impossible task that took years to achieve. Hence, the IPVanish VPN truly deserves the honor of being on the list of the most popular VPNs of all times.

Taking into consideration the user reviews on various platforms as well, it definitely has the subscribers’ vote that is all that really matters. Therefore, IPVanish gets a love for its efficient performance.


We hope this in-depth IPVanish Review has shown what makes their VPN software stand apart from the competition and now it will help you determine if its the right product for your needs. It would not be a conjecture but a reality to say IPVanish consistently performed well in our tests as well as those performed by third-party labs. There may be very few loopholes in the Android app like 1-time disconnection in Canadian server, but we are going to give it another try to see if the issue is temporary or permanent. Overall IPVanish is a go-ahead from us, and you won’t regret purchasing it, but in worst case scenario if you do regret you can simply claim the refund. So it’s a nothing to lose situation for you!

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