Best Gaming VPN Deals 2023 for Diehard Gamers


While things can be a lot convincible for Torrent and security lovers when it comes to choosing a VPN service, it is always a hard nut to crack for gamers. This isn’t because gamers are inconvincible but because they are very particular about one feature which is speed. This has been a challenge for gamers to go for a VPN before things changed for the better. Nevertheless, there are many reasons why you should choose the best VPN for gaming that will give you the most amazing experience you ever had. Here’s why:


Routing is better, Gaming is better!

Few VPN sites have really pushed their services to make gamers’ day. These services sensed that gamers weren’t satisfied because speed was compromised. They knew that losing a game just because of your connection’s delay is heartbreaking. Luckily, some gaming VPN providers have overcome this barrier. They grew so huge Tier-1 networks that gave them the fastest connection speed possible.

Another thing which is more attractive for gamers than anybody else is that such connections also lower lag and ping. This was possible because gaming VPN providers placed their servers very close to the main gaming servers. It enabled shortening of routes between gaming servers and users. So, being physically far away from servers isn’t a problem at all to find faster routes with virtual solutions.


VPNs Hate Restrictions As Much As Gamers Do

This can be the best perk to get a gaming VPN. Gamers hate being restricted to use just certain games in their locality and never try other games that catch their interest. VPN for gaming solves this hurdle. Because you can virtually avail all the cyber benefits of any region of the world without being physically present there, thanks to VPN; it is not a problem to crack a restriction by just one gaming VPN connection. In fact, playing a game that has not been introduced in your country as yet is also a luxury you can avail with a VPN without breaking any terms and conditions because no one can guess your actual location.


Protect Yourself from Your Opponent’s Attacks

Everything is fair in love, war and gaming which is why you know your opponent can play dirty tricks to hack your IP and mess around with denial-of-service for you. Well, if they play smart, you play smarter and have a gaming VPN that has a built-in feature to block any attacks. At certain times, leaving a connection open for a long time can be a security threat for you; however, with a VPN, IP masking and encryption features can keep you safe and secure. Even your data is secure with a gaming VPN in case you don’t want to lose your Steam account at any cost.


What Do We Suggest?

If you are a gamer by soul, we suggest you to try a gaming VPN for the above attractive features. Certainly, if you have a list of games like League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, Dota 2, Overwatch, Minecraft, Counter-Strike or other MMOs to play, you’d need some good VPN suggestions to ensure you are making the most of your gaming experience.

We have looked at a number of factors while compiling the best VPN for gaming suggestions for you such as speed, number of servers, price, security level, and even customer services. However, we know that the most important features you are looking for are top speed and number of servers, which is why we have focused the most of these features to suggest you the best VPN for gaming 2020.



NordVPN – Editor’s Choice


You name any continent except Antarctica and NordVPN has a server in it, with exactly 5566+ servers in 58 different countries. The cities are not listed; however, you can certainly try servers in a particular region and favorite the one which is the fastest in that locality for later use. Some of the best features of NordVPN are listed below:




This pick has been a relatively higher-priced VPN for a long time; however, they have recently adjusted their price to a fair level. We can’t say how long can it last, but in our opinion, even before lowering their price, it was fair enough keeping their excellent services in mind. This is particularly in terms of the most efficient servers, this VPN stands out on the list with efficient servers in 90 countries. These are still only the countries where servers are placed; ExpressVPN, in fact, covers all remote locations around the world. Below are some of the best features of ExpressVPN:





This is particularly the best pick if you are choosier for huge bandwidth and little or no lag. It is because VyprVPN has a Tier 1 network and have ownership of all server infrastructures around the globe. It has its data servers in more than 60 countries. Other interesting features are:






If having a gaming VPN without lag is your priority then IPVanish could be the best choice for you with 500+ servers in 60 countries along with Tier 1, speedy networks. This is because they are among the very few providers that do not have rented servers but their very own. Some big reviewers have also claimed that IPVanish has gaming-optimized servers. Also, it doesn’t keep logs and gives a decent encryption level which is 128- and 256-bit. Here’s why it could be the right choice for you:






The name is famous for being cheap along with the possession of more than 500 servers in across 141 different countries. Only the security standards aren’t as high as the others on the list as connection stability has been a concern while testing it. However, apart from this, you will find many reasons why you should consider it, and this is why:





VPN for Cloud Gaming

The news of the almighty Google launching its cloud gaming services entitled Stadia has already spread like wildfire. According to Wikipedia, Google Stadia will be able to stream games up to 4k resolution at the rate of 60 frames/sec with support for (HDR) high-dynamic-range to gamers through the company’s several data centers around the world. Now, you can imagine how cloud gaming is going to be the next big thing in the gaming world because it’s owned by the #1 company in the world, Alphabet. However, there is a question experts are wondering about; how would it be possible to stream games without buffering and latency issues?

Before reflecting on the above question, let’s first discuss what cloud gaming is about. Well, as the name suggests, cloud gaming is a cloud service which hosts games on a cloud. It means that you can be able to play games without buying a gaming disc or downloading them from the internet. It is like Netflix of gaming. With Google Stadia, you can play games while streaming them, putting all the load on the cloud which hosts the games.

Now coming back to the question. All the gaming experts out there believe that there are going to be latency issues with game streaming, and that users will have to wait for a 5G connection to really make the game streaming experience worthwhile for them. Well, they might be right but this is where a gaming VPN comes into play. A VPN for gaming, or in this case, a VPN for cloud gaming will cut the lag, the ping and give stability to your game streaming, thereby allowing you to play without any interruption whatsoever. You just need to follow the few steps as under:


Voila, enjoy playing unlimited games without worrying about a DDoS attack or any latency issues!

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