ProtonVPN Review 2023

Pros About ProtonVPN ProtonVPN is one of the world’s fastest growing, highly secure VPN services. It was developed by the same team of CERN scientists that built ProtonMail, the world’s largest encrypted email service. Their stated goal is to “make online security, privacy, and freedom accessible to all.” If you are looking for a trustworthy, […]

ProtonVPN Review 2023


  • Exceptional privacy policies
  • Excellent speed
  • Based in Switzerland, strong legal protection
  • Strong encryption
  • DNS leak prevention
  • Kill Switch and Always-on
  • Up to 10 simultaneous connections
  • Exceptional Free Plan
  • P2P friendly
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Accepts payment in Bitcoin and cash
  • Netflix and Hulu streaming
  • Multi-Platform support

About ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is one of the world’s fastest growing, highly secure VPN services. It was developed by the same team of CERN scientists that built ProtonMail, the world’s largest encrypted email service. Their stated goal is to “make online security, privacy, and freedom accessible to all.”

If you are looking for a trustworthy, private VPN service, then ProtonVPN should be your first choice. They combine advanced cryptography, sophisticated security features, strong legal protections, and a strict no-log policy to provide their users with unparalleled online security and privacy.

No-Logs Policy and Legal Protection

ProtonVPN clearly states in their Privacy Policy that they do not log any information about their users’ online traffic, IP addresses, or communications. That means ProtonVPN has no logs of user activity to share with any third party. ProtonVPN can make this promise because they are based in Geneva, Switzerland, where they are not bound by any mandatory data retention laws.

Switzerland is home to some of the most robust privacy and data protection laws, and they are not a member of the 14-Eyes intelligence sharing agreement. Swiss laws prevent authorities from forcing ProtonVPN to start logging user data, an additional protection that few other legal jurisdictions offer. These policies and legal protections mean that you can be confident that your internet browsing will remain private.

Data Security

ProtonVPN protects its users’ data with AES-256 encryption and a 2048-bit RSA key exchange. They also only use IKEv2/IPSec and OpenVPN protocols, avoiding protocols that have known vulnerabilities like PPTP. Finally, they provide DNS Leak Prevention, which prevents your DNS queries from revealing the sites you visit. This is all very technical, but it means that ProtonVPN protects your data with the most cutting-edge encryption.

ProtonVPN also offers several unique premium security features:

Secure Core

If you activate Secure Core, your internet traffic will be routed through a server in Switzerland, Iceland or Sweden and then to an exit server in the country of your choice. By routing your traffic through two servers, Secure Core adds another layer of protection to your internet browsing. While multi-hop VPN connections are common, Secure Core differentiates itself in the effort ProtonVPN goes through to ensure their Secure Core servers cannot be tampered with.

Kill Switch and Always-on

These two features will protect your data even if you are disconnected from your VPN server. The feature you can use depends on which app you are using to connect to ProtonVPN, but Kill Switch will stop all network connections if you are disconnected while Always-on will immediately start trying to reconnect you to the VPN server.

Tor over VPN

ProtonVPN allows you to route your connection through the Tor network with a single click. Tor is the most anonymous online network you can use, and this feature makes it very easy to access.

Free Plan

What impressed us the most about ProtonVPN was its unique Free Plan. Free users are not subject to any privacy-invading ads, malware, or bandwidth limits — and since ProtonVPN keeps no logs, you do not have to worry about them selling your data. Their paid plans support their free service. While you are limited to only one connection and can only choose from a limited amount of servers in three countries, this is still the best free plan we have seen.  

High Speed & Performance

ProtonVPN deploys high-end servers with high-bandwidth links to ensure fast connection speeds for its users. This makes the perfect VPN to secure your internet connection while browsing the web, streaming music, or watching videos.

Speeds will differ between Free, Basic, and Plus plans due to the different loads on our servers. ProtonVPN Plus users generally have the highest performance because there are fewer Plus users and because many of the Plus servers are on 10 Gbps networks.

Additional Features

ProtonVPN also stands out when you look at the additional features it offers.

Secure Streaming

Netflix has worked hard to block as many VPN services as it can, but not ProtonVPN. If you connect to any Plus server in the United States, you can securely watch your favorite Netflix shows. This also applies to Hulu.


ProtonVPN is perfect for P2P file-sharing. By connecting to designated servers that have been optimized for P2P traffic, you can easily share files with your friends.

Apps & Extensions

ProtonVPN has native clients for Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, and iOS, as well as for routers.

Network Size

If there is one drawback to ProtonVPN, it is the size of their network. They simply do not offer as many servers in as many countries as some other VPNs. However, it is likely that this will not be the case much longer. They have been adding new servers at a rapid rate and have already dramatically improved their choice of countries.

ProtonVPN supports the following payment methods:

Credit and debit cards
Wire Transfer

While ProtonVPN’s pricing is somewhat more expensive than the industry average, the premium features make it worth it, and the choice of plans gives you the flexibility to get exactly what you want. All VPN plans include а 30-day money-back guarantee which makes уour purchase risk-free.


ProtonVPN is an excellent choice for those who want their online data to be safe and secure. They have fulfilled their promise to make internet security easy enough for anyone to use. When we tested ProtonVPN, we enjoyed its intuitive design – it is a straightforward process to log in, connect, and switch between different servers and countries, making it easy for anyone to use ProtonVPN to secure their online data.

Their advanced security features, their award-winning Free Plan, and their dedication to protecting their users’ privacy makes ProtonVPN one of the best VPNs around.

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