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Special VPN Discount and Offers

1- Strongest VPN

An established name in the VPN industry, NordVPN is known for cutting-edge security protocols. With one of the largest server networks of any VPN provider, NordPVN even has dedicated servers for gamers and streamers.

Save 57% Completely $3.49/Mon 2-Year Plan
2- Fastest VPN

The best VPN with fast and reliable connectivity. ExpressVPN provides high-end security protocols, a large server network, worldwide IP locations, and many advanced security features – this VPN is for long-term use.

Save 49% Completely $6.67/Mon 1-Year Plan
3- Cheap VPN

An affordable choice for the whole family, Surfshark lets you connect unlimited devices on a single subscription. But quantity is no bar on quality, as Surfshark gives an optimum VPN experience in terms of privacy and security.

Save 69% Completely $3.99/Mon 1-Year Plan
4- Business VPN

Ivacy is built for the tech-savvy as more than just a VPN service. Suitable for enterprise users, an Ivacy subscription allows you to add extra features like secured cloud storage and dedicated IP addresses along with all the essential VPN features.

Save 60% Completely $3.99/Mon 1-Year Plan
5- Effective VPN

CyberGhost is a simple and effective VPN for when you need more privacy in your daily online activities. It is suitable for mobile users with a well-designed and easy-to-use app ideal for running in the background with other apps.

Save 84% Completely $2.03/Mon 2-Years + 2 months FREE
6- Smart VPN

PureVPN will unblock restricted content and give you access to a wider range of online services. Moreover, PureVPN has dedicated connections for browsing and streaming, so you can choose a specialized VPN experience.

Save 70% Completely $3.24/Mon 1-Year Plan

Hello, and welcome to the internet’s home for the best VPN deals in 2024. We research, test and identify VPN brands that give users online freedom and control – without piling on the fees.

In fact, some of our VPN picks have a monthly cost of less than a cup of gas station coffee! Despite the unbelievably low VPN prices, all featured services conform to our rigorous standards for security, usability and reliability.

Our best VPN deals are selected by a crack team of data privacy nerds and cybersecurity obsessives. You can find VPN recommendations for specific activities like streaming movies and shows, gaming, online shopping, traveling or using school Wi-Fi. Alternatively, you can pick one of our all-rounders, like Surfshark, and have all your bases covered.

We spend a great part of our lives on the internet so it is important to secure your data and privacy in the process. A VPN is the best way to ensure your online activity and private information are not exposed to snoopers and cybercriminals. For a few bucks a month, you can control the parts of your online life you share and what you keep to yourself.

What is About?

Best VPN Deals Right Now

Pressed for time or don’t know where to start? Check our selection of the all-time best VPN deals in terms of security features, speed and prices!

CyberGhost has a great Android app and performance to match.

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ExpressVPN is the most consistently high-performing VPN.

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A single Surfshark account can be used on unlimited devices.

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NordVPN is a major name with many exclusive security features.

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PureVPB is good for IP masking and unblocking geo-restrictions.

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How to Pick the Best VPN Deal?

Should you use just any VPN available? What’s there to check before you subscribe? Here is our easy and quick guide to selecting the best VPN deal.

Which VPN you should use depends on why you need the VPN in the first place. Simply put, there are many aspects to VPN technology such as security protocols, server location, connection regulation, and encryption methods that are suitable for particular use cases.

If you are looking for the best VPN for gaming, you need a VPN that has optimized gaming servers. These are dedicated to reducing ping and increasing play speed. Moreover, gaming VPNs allow you to access international servers which lets you enjoy a different gaming experience than is available in your region

Speaking of regions, one of the most popular queries we receive is how to get the best VPN for streaming. The answer is that a streaming VPN needs to have a great number of servers spread across multiple regions of the world. Our best VPN deals all have IP addresses in multiple locations giving you access to content that may be blocked in your region.

One of our first reviews on this site was on VPN deals for browsing. The internet has become a necessity and we spend many hours a day just surfing the web. Even during such a simple activity, we send and receive a lot of information that can be exploited for nefarious purposes.

Our advice to netizens is to use a VPN whenever they go online. All the data flowing to and from your device over a VPN connection is encrypted, or unreadable. This conceals your online activity from anyone trying to monitor what you’re doing. It’s a smart practice for your security and privacy.

Best Deals on VPNs for Different Countries

If you live in or are traveling to the UK, Canada or Australia, check our best VPN deals by country.

Be Everywhere with a UK VPN

The UK is a member of the five-eyes Alliance, along with the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The members of this alliance have an agreement to share intelligence which includes online activities conducted within their jurisdictions.

Aside from the eyebrow-raising implications of this arrangement, the UK also has its own laws on internet censorship.  Government filters that are intended to protect children from unsafe content also end up blocking out potentially useful information due to faulty algorithms.

A UK VPN, like NordVPN, protects users from intrusive surveillance while letting them choose the information they can access. If you are outside the UK, you can stream content or access banking services by connecting to a UK server.

Be Free with an Australia VPN

Australia has some of the most comprehensive data-retention laws in the Anglosphere. These include giving the government full access to user metadata, blocking P2P platforms and even attempts at overriding end-to-end encryption. Oh, and it is also in the five-eyes alliance.

If you think this is not reason enough to get a VPN for Australia, read on. Users in Australia have long been burdened with some of the world’s highest prices for online games. Most streaming subscriptions charge Aussies more than their global counterparts.

A VPN for Australia, such as ExpressVPN, can help ease the burden of rather unfair pricing schedules in Australia. If you are abroad and want to access online services limited to Oz, then all you have to do is connect to an AU server.

Be Secure with a Canada VPN

Another member of the five-alliance, Canada has a history of data sharing with the US. Nationally, the Canadian internet is regulated against P2P sharing of any type due to its very strict copyright protection laws that do not discriminate against user intent.

A VPN for Canada, such as Surfshark, is essential to access content from streaming platforms, and live sporting events that are blocked for a Canuck. The best VPN deals for Canada offer international servers to bypass geo-restrictions giving access to a greater internet.

Naturally, a VPN for Canada also has Canadian servers which make it easier to connect back home when you are traveling. With the proliferation of remote jobs, a VPN lets a global workforce enjoy the open doors of Canadian companies looking to benefit from international talent and skills.

Final Word

If you are looking for cheap VPN deals that provide a reliable and secure service, this is the only site you need. Backed by years of VPN testing and cybersecurity experience, our team sifts through the technical jargon and brings the best VPN deals for you.

From security technology and data encryption to speed and performance over mobile, laptop and other devices, our VPN recommendations are market leaders. So let us guide you towards achieving online anonymity and privacy today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions? We've got all your answers here.

The best VPN deals are the ones given below.

  • Surfshark – $2.05/ month, 2-year plan + extra three months free
  • NordVPN – $3.69/month, 2-year plan + extra three months free
  • ExpressVPN – $6.67/month, 1-year plan + extra three months free
  • FastestVPN – $0.66/month – a one-time payment of $40 for the 5-year plan
  • IPVanish – $3.99/month – 1-year plan
  • AtlasVPN – $1.64/month, 2-year plan + six months extra free
  • ProtonVPN – $3.99/month, 2-year plan + six months free

A good VPN that offers the latest in security and privacy features should cost you about $3 to $7 per month on a 1-year plan. If you purchase a VPN for one month only, it can cost you between $10 to $14.

Several VPN services offer a limited-use VPN account for free:

  • ProtonVPN – no data cap. 3 free server locations.
  • Avira Phantom – 1gb/month. 1 server location
  • – 10gb/month. 8 server locations
  • Hotspot Shield – 15gb/month. 1 server location
  • Windscribe – 10gb/month. 1 server location.
  • TunnelBear – 500mb/month. 47 server locations.

You need a verifiable email ID to sign up for a free account on any of these free VPN services.

The most popular VPN on Reddit is NordVPN. The reason for NordVPN’s popularity is a mix of great performance and targeted marketing. Both these factors are true to NordVPN’s success.

The following five VPN providers offer the best VPN deals:

  1. ExpressVPN: High-performance, fast and reliable VPN service.
  2. NordVPN: Secure and packed with features.
  3. Surfshark: Economical in the long-term and has good results.
  4. IPVanish: Effective and better for PC use.
  5. ProtonVPN: Big name in security and good for mobile use.

Alternates to VPN services include proxy servers, TOR and DIY VPS builds like Shadowsocks.

If you use a VPN all the time, it may cause more data usage unless you are connected over Wifi. A VPN might also cause slower internet speeds however a good VPN does not decrease download/upload speeds by more than a few mb/s.

You should use a VPN in 2023 and the future as well. A VPN is a good security tool that can make your online activities safer on your mobile, laptop, tablet or desktop.

You should be completely sure of the trustworthiness of a VPN provider before you use it. Do not use a VPN with a reputation for monitoring and storing user activity.

You should not use a VPN that does not reveal its revenue source.

You should avoid VPN use in countries where it is illegal to use a VPN.