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While Windows might be the most popular operating system out there on desktop, it certainly cannot be called the most secure of the bunch. Since Nokia was bought by Microsoft, these security concerns trickle into Windows phones as well. The good thing is there is a simple solution to protect you against hackers and agencies seeking to gather your private data, Yes, Windows VPN is the solution.

VPN for PC and mobile is available through several credible providers. It is recommended to go for VPN providers that don’t keep connection logs, are not based in the USA, own servers of their own and have physical servers in your location. Even though Windows 11 has been out for a while now, several people have chosen not to update their system because they like the older versions better. That’s okay. You can simply purchase VPN for Windows 10 instead of VPN for Windows 11.


A smart idea of the professionals at NordVPN was to add a second layer of protection for their users as double encryption. This means that while you are paying the regular fee for their popular VPN for Windows, you are actually getting twice the benefit. That’s an amazing perk of their service but makes it slightly slower than the other choices. However, the difference is quite minor and can easily be neglected while comparing VPN Clients for Windows 7 or Windows 10. Another terrific advantage of NordVPN is that one account can handle up to six devices at the same time. So, you can save money by purchasing it with friends or family and running it on your Windows devices side by side. It is also P2P Friendly and offers several payment methods for your convenience including Bitcoin and PayPal. NordVPN is one of the best Windows VPN for Torrent users due to their special considerations. You’ll be safe from any lawsuits the authorities hunting for illegal torrenting might try to pin you with. When you combine their P2P function with their Bitcoin payment, you can be virtually untraceable and Torrent to your heart’s content. You can receive dedicated IPs at a special price from NordVPN. Their list of brilliant protocols includes IKEv2/IPsec, OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP and IPSec so you get to choose easily.

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If you want zero compromises on quality, credibility, performance and desire complete elimination of risk then get the best VPN service for windows: ExpressVPN. It is well known for its superior working on other operating systems as well. There is only one downside to picking this VPN Client for Windows 7 and newer versions. Based in the British Virgin Islands, they don’t keep any record of your connection logs or your activity logs. Like many others, you can sign up as an anonymous user of ExpressVPN since they accept Bitcoin now. They are currently offering services in 94+ countries with over 148+ VPN server locations in these places. This means you get plenty of options for switching servers and there are no glitches during this process. Something unique about ExpressVPN is that it actually established a referral program for its users. It’s great protocols like OpenVPN (TCP, UDP), L2TP-IPsec, SSTP, and PPTP make it worth your money, so this is certainly the second best Windows VPN one can opt for. The good thing about them is they never settle and always strive to improve and offer more, for example: they add new servers and IPs time to time and make their apps super easy to be used even by a layman. You may sign up for ExpressVPN and check out all their features and claims for 30 days. If you’re happy by the end of that period, you can keep it otherwise get a full refund risk-free.

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If you are trying to set up a good VPN provider for Windows on a tight budget then VyprVPN would be an excellent choice. Don’t be fooled by the affordability of their awesome price plans. Even the basic plan provides you with 3 simultaneous VPN connections with the same account. For a small cost, the premium plan upgrades the connections from 3 to 5. Not only that but you can also avail their VyprVPN Cloud and exclusive Chameleon protocol. They operate in more than 70 VPN server locations around the world to keep your internet speed high with unlimited bandwidth so you can stream HD videos and download in minutes. They have a superb customer care with live chat so any issue you face can be resolved within minutes and you can get back to enjoy browsing perfectly secure. There are three basic VPN protocols that most VPN providers employ for Windows: PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP. They work wonderfully on a large number of devices with this operating system. An added bonus of VyprVPN is their Chameleon protocol which no other Windows VPN can offer. To make sure this is the perfect VPN for Windows, avail their 3-day trial before applying for a package. You can also get a refund after 30 days if you don’t like what they have for users.

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Although VPN Windows experts repeatedly stress on the need to select a VPN company that is not based in the US, it may be overlooked in some cases. IPVanish hides your IP address from anyone snooping around trying to hack into your system. It effectively covers your tracks powered by more than 1000 servers around the world. You can select any one of these that works best for you. If there’s a specific streaming website or app you’re unable to find a sever for, just ask their 24/7 live support. There are three tried and tested protocols to pick from: OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPsec. Read up on the advantages and limitations of each and compare these protocols to find the most suitable one for your system. If you want to avail IPVanish’s features anonymously then you can even purchase their cheapest package via Bitcoin. IPVanish is without a doubt one of our top recommendation for best Windows VPN. Their unlimited P2P traffic feature opens up exciting possibilities for Torrent users. They have discounts on their price plans right now. As IPVanish boasts servers in over sixty countries and is expanding all the time, you will probably find it easy to sign up for it. The coolest thing making it one of the best VPN services for Windows is that you can create just one IPVanish account and run it on five different devices simultaneously. They also have a 7-day money-back guarantee for all users.

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These are highly recommended best windows VPN on PC and mobile both. You will be able to hide your IP address meaning no accurate data of your location will be collected by the websites you visit or mobile apps you use. This allows you to remove any restrictions that these websites or apps may have with regards to location. You will breeze through the blockades placed by authorities on news and entertainment websites and apps. The ones your government has banned for political reasons become instantly accessible to you. Not only that but you can keep your entire private information safe, which hackers may try to retrieve for their own benefit. By using a VPN protocol and server that gives you optimum speed and security, you get amazing user experience. The setup and running is made convenient with s user-friendly interface for beginners. This gives you the peace of mind that the internet is indeed a secure place where you can work or play to your heart’s content when connected on best Windows VPN.

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