Why Every Digital Nomad Needs A VPN | Best VPN Deals

The digital world has expanded itself so hugely over the decades that it has become something like a planet; the more you explore it, the bigger it gets. Those explorers in the digital world who know no frontiers are more sophisticatedly referred to as “Digital Nomads”.  Digital Nomads use telecommunication technology to earn a living. […]

Why Every Digital Nomad Needs A VPN | Best VPN Deals

The digital world has expanded itself so hugely over the decades that it has become something like a planet; the more you explore it, the bigger it gets. Those explorers in the digital world who know no frontiers are more sophisticatedly referred to as “Digital Nomads”. 

Digital Nomads use telecommunication technology to earn a living. They often work from foreign countries, coffee shops, and working spaces, etc. There are plenty of such undercover digital nomads in the digital world, however, many of them are vulnerable to dangerous scenarios because they’re just not well-equipped. 

Take it as if you are trekking for real and you don’t even know the place. You’d certainly need equipment to ensure that you are having fun with it and not anything less. Likewise, digital nomads certainly need some equipment to have fun exploring the internet. 

In this case, we will definitely call a VPN an “essential” need than just calling it an equipment just to emphasize how much you need it. Scroll through to find out just why!

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What It Takes To Become a Digital Nomad

In order to avail the luxury of exploring the Amazon forests from the deserts of Emirates just when you wake up one day and decide to go to a new location in your flip-flops; it takes some serious preparations the night before to enjoyably explore the new land. 

When you’re digitally exploring, of course, you need a laptop, some portable hard drives, and a few other tools, but a VPN is your savior! Smartly planning to get a VPN is the top-most option in your checklist because that is what will actually keep you moving around and become a Digital Nomad for real.

How to become a Digital Nomad

To become a Digital Nomad a lot of patience and dedication is required. It’s not just glitter and luxury in the Digital world. Given below is the guide that will help you make it happen, and that too, safely!

  1. Start to reduce expenses and location ties (like long-term leases on vehicles or apartments, gym memberships, and subscription services, etc.)
  2. Join a Digital Nomad Community 
  3. Discover/identify your skills (find out what you are skilled at doing)
  4. Become a freelancer
  5. When you’ve been a freelancer for some time, you can start building your own business.
  6. Decide your first destination
  7. Figure out how you want to live
  8. Make a plan and be dedicated

Popular Destinations for Digital Nomads

  1. Chiang Mai
  2. Thailand
  3. Colombia
  4. Bali
  5. Mexico
  6. UK (Bristol, Birmingham, Brighton)
  7. Singapore
  8. Oslo

Understanding Your Saviour in the Digital World – A VPN

Well simply, it is your passport! Rather technically, VPN is a system that encrypts or encodes your internet connection so that you can be spontaneously present at any place without any hindrance or unsafe means. In fact, you are completely safe just as you feel safe traveling somewhere for which you already stamped a Visa on your passport. 

The only thing that is different here which makes it even better is that a VPN also conceals your identity. It gives you the chance to travel anywhere just like a passport does but making you feel safer than ever roaming around anywhere anonymously!

Getting On Some Serious Facts On Just Why You Need a VPN?

You need it all the way right from connecting your internet to browsing using search engines. Surprisingly, everyone knows what they cannot have certain luxuries without a VPN say spontaneity; however, very few actually play the game more smartly by knowing all that a VPN has to offer so as to fully experience it. 

Some of the very important features and counseling you could be missing out on are as under:

From Security to Surety

Being a digital nomad, you might start off playing with many WIFI connections, but as you go along, you wouldn’t find it as appealing. Since these WIFI connections seem absolutely flawless, they are nevertheless public, and that makes them vulnerable to attackers and hackers, making you vulnerable in turn as well. 

They can put you in big troubles of identity theft, losing all your personal information in the hands of unknown spies. This can even go worse and they can invade your social media accounts since they know your identity.

On the other hand, a VPN encrypts your internet connection and safely lands you on your VPN client in a way that your information is not even accessible to your ISP provider or anyone else than yourself. This is not certainly even your WIFI’s cup of tea!

No One Tracks Where You Trek

Because your location is well-spoofed, a VPN actually becomes a savior you especially when you are trying to access some services or website which demands your personal information from you, for instance, your bank or any other financial institution. 

As a matter of fact, the first thing your bank will check right after you request an account transaction is whether you are at the right location. If they find out you are elsewhere, they block you from their services, deeming it a false attempt of spying when you know that you are accessing your own account. 

This becomes a headache when you want to access your financial account from a different location, but just for the sake of policies, the financial institutions bar you from accessing your account.

Being a digital nomad, you deserve to be free from all such restrictions. This is why a VPN spoofs your location by concealing your IP address so well that no one can simply locate you. 

So, the next time, using a VPN, your financial sites, say PayPal, bank, etc., will only see you accessing from the location that you’ll set with your VPN using the required IP address when you are physically nowhere near that region.

There’s Nothing You Can’t-Do

Being a digital nomad can be a challenge when you want to access websites from some locations which are very particular in sharing their cyberspace with just everyone, say China or Thailand, etc. This is when you really crave for a VPN. You can access whatever and wherever you want.

This gets very appealing when you can access all social media and any blocked website, crossing all the barriers without even having a chance of being caught as a trespasser. After all, you could only be mistaken as a trespasser when you are just a fair digital nomad!

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Entertainment Is Your Right!

As a matter of fact, availing all the benefits but not having availed entertainment is a shame. It feels like a shame, when we try to access our favorite entertainment website, say Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Foxtel GO, etc. from a remote location but all we see is a 404 page. 

Luckily, with a VPN, you get all your favorite movies, series, shows and what not rightly accessible anywhere in the world showing you as if you are at the right location where it is permitted.

You Just Cannot Count Your Blessings With VPN!

We cannot mention enough of the perks of using a VPN because they just won’t end. Some of the other perks include being able to hide your sensitive information you send or receive via email to any third-party or even having a chance of losing it in the wrong hands. 

Sometimes, data is so sensitive that without ensuring that it is protected, you cannot do any other thing well since you lose your peace of mind, and this is when you really think about using a VPN. 

Before these perks go on so lengthy, we will mention the last one, but certainly not the least; it can keep you safe online and what not without costing an arm and a leg, in fact being reasonably priced.

Keep your exploration going on, but don’t forget to gear yourself with a VPN to become a smart digital nomad from just a fair one!

Best VPN Deals


  • No-log policy
  • Double VPN (it uses two servers for optimum security instead of just one)
  • CyberSec (malware blocking solution)
  • Automatic kill switch
  • SmartPlay (to help users access websites that otherwise would not be available due to internet censorship and VPN blocking)
  • Military-grade encryption
  • Lightning speed
  • 5622 servers in 59 countries
  • 24/7 customer support
  • DNS leak protection
  • Unblocks Netflix
  • Top notch privacy and security

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  • Zero-knowledge DNS (it’s their private encrypted DNS)
  • Split tunneling (it lets you route some device traffic through a VPN while the rest access the internet directly)
  • Kill switch
  • No activity logs
  • Best-in-class encryption
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Fast
  • Huge number of server locations
  • You can pay in BitCoin
  • Connects up to 3 devices at the same time
  • Unblocks Netflix
  • Torrenting is allowed

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Surfshark VPN

  • No-log Policy
  • Have their private DNS
  • Multi-hop feature
  • Easy to use
  • Clean web feature
  • Camouflage Mode (It can easily bypass network firewalls and other internet blocks)
  • Ad Blocker
  • Encryption method choice
  • “Use small packets” option
  • Automatically connects to the VPN
  • Ideal VPN for torrenting
  • Unblocks Netflix
  • Fast live-chat support
  • No connection failures
  • Connection time is faster than average
  • No IP leaks
  • Impressive technical security
  • Very reliable
  • Great VPN for any purpose
  • You can connect unlimited devices
  • Fast loading time
  • Automatic kill switch (native apps only)
  • DNS leak protection

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Private Internet Access (PIA VPN)

  • Online security
  • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • P2P support
  • Can connect 10 devices simultaneously
  • Block ads, trackers and malware
  • Easy to use
  • No traffic logs
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Multiple VPN gateways
  • Instant setup
  • PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPSec
  • Unblock websites
  • Identity protection
  • Anonymity
  • DNS leak protection

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