How to Watch BBC iPlayer Outside the UK

BBC iPlayer is an internet television channel developed by the British Broadcasting Company which is legally accessible in the United Kingdom. It’s a free streaming service which is not only about television channels but also about a radio service. It lets you stream high-quality movies, variety shows, news, and radio shows. It can run on […]

How to Watch BBC iPlayer Outside the UK

BBC iPlayer is an internet television channel developed by the British Broadcasting Company which is legally accessible in the United Kingdom. It’s a free streaming service which is not only about television channels but also about a radio service. It lets you stream high-quality movies, variety shows, news, and radio shows. It can run on multiple devices, from PCs to laptops, and Android to iOS devices. It offers all the live and even catch-up shows from all of its channels such as BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three, BBC Four, BBC News, and Radio 1. How cool is that? You can literally stream vast content which is available to you in an all-in-one service. But, unfortunately, if you are someone living outside the UK, BBC iPlayer is not in your reach. Not that you can never access it, you can, but not legally. Needless to say, for travel buddies who can’t skip their favorite shows at any cost, BBC iPlayer is a must-have for them. But, how will they escape geo-restrictions outside of the UK and that too without any chance of getting caught up?

There surely is a way and we are going to talk about the easiest and safest way possible. And that is by using a VPN! Yes, you can access BBC iPlayer even when you’re outside the UK. Even when you’re on a holiday or a business trip, an easiest way to stream is to use a VPN so that you can escape geo-restrictions and hide your IP address, therefore making yourself a legally accepted viewer. After bypassing the restrictions and alteration of the IP address, you can easily access all the content available on BBC channels, and all that for free, even on any device that you may decide to use! The only minimum cost will be that of purchasing a Cheap VPN.

Moreover, a VPN is not just for breaking the restrictions, but it also provides military-guard security for your online activities and comes with additional packages to grant you safe streaming and online usage. Once you connect yourself to a UK-based VPN IP address, it becomes easy for you to trick and access your desired website, no matter you are in the accessible region or not.

How can a VPN be helpful?

Of course, in this case, a VPN is of great use and importance. But is that all? Well, it has a lot more!

Virtual Private Networks are used for multiple purposes, from bypassing the restrictions to hiding your real IP address, connecting you to an inaccessible region to shielding your online activity or even keeping away hackers and observers. You can access an IP address of your desired region with the help of a VPN and this is what we ought to do when we want to access BBC iPlayer abroad.

We have looked up the best suited VPN services available to guide you on how to unblock BBC iPlayerIt gets easier to stream and watch content on BBC iPlayer once you pick a VPN service that suits your needs. And then, bring it on, your favorite shows are all on your devices.

NordVPN – The Winner

When you try to access BBC iPlayer outside its allowed region, the website will pop up a message saying it is unavailable in your region. But once you have NordVPN, you can easily connect to it and unblock BBC iPlayer. Once you are routed through a VPN, you will be able to trick the website into thinking that the IP address is somewhere from the UK. NordVPN is unarguably the best VPN service that you can rely on totally. It does not only give you high-quality protection, but you can also access all your desired websites by breaking through geo-restrictions. By using NordVPN, you will have your privacy encrypted and your data will not fall prey to any cybercriminal.

NordVPN Pricing
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expressvpn website

It’s no doubt that ExpressVPN has become one of the finest VPN services in the market. Because of its fast speed, consistent connection, anonymity, and torrenting, ExpressVPN has its place. It allows you to connect to a UK-based VPN and that’s how you can access BBC iPlayer. Its security level has no end, unbeatable security layer with OpenVPN encryption of about 256 bits, gives it the most attention from security conscious users. You can access as many websites as you want and use approximately 3000+ servers in about 90+ countries, making it easy for you to access BBC iPlayer as well. It allows torrenting and P2P sharing, serves fastest downloading and uploading features, and gives unlimited access to restricted websites. ExpressVPN’s speed is incomparable.

ExpressVPN Pricing: $8.32/Month – 1 Year Plan

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VPNs like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and IPVanish work excellently for accessing BBC iPlayer when you are not in the UK. Because a IPVanish is one of those few VPNs that provide better security options and come with amazing yearly packages, it’s the best source to bypass restrictions and access any website regardless of your existing region. In our ranking for VPNs for unblocking BBC iPlayer, IPVanish comes in the third top VPNs because the speed is not as fast as the other two mentioned above. However, IPVanish includes the no-log policy and additional methods which keep you secure beyond your expectations. Also, IPVanish saves you a few bucks and is less expensive than the other two but works quite much the same. It gets past all the geo-restrictions which is ideal for accessing BBC iPlayer. End to end encryptions protects your online activities like anything.

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With the increasing searches on how one can access BBC iPlayer, it would be fair to say that BBC iPlayer has its place in the television market and everyone just wants to stream this website regardless of where they currently live. BBC iPlayer has multiple channels, a wide range of content, there are multiple apps, it’s compatible with any device of your choice, and most of all it does not pop up annoying ads in between. But, what a turn off, it is accessible only in the UK. Therefore, we needed to find out how to access BBC iPlayer outside the UK because no one wants to skip their favorite shows. Fortunately, VPN came into existence alongside technological advancements and we are now able to access and stream a wide range of content even when sitting outside the UK.

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