Things To Know Before Buying a VPN

Online activity and security must go side by side, you shouldn’t ignore it, because data is everything today and VPNs protect that data. Everything that you do online these days needs to be secure. You would not want to have your personal information disclosed to any other party, and we know that this is not […]

Things To Know Before Buying a VPN

Online activity and security must go side by side, you shouldn’t ignore it, because data is everything today and VPNs protect that data. Everything that you do online these days needs to be secure. You would not want to have your personal information disclosed to any other party, and we know that this is not an impossible task.

While there are a hundred ways you can save yourself from online disasters, not every alternative is as effective as it seems. However, there are some life-saving connections that can give you the answers to all your questions. As a matter of fact, Virtual Private Networks aka VPNs are the best tool for your online safety and a secure connection.

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When it’s all about hidden IPS addresses, anonymous online activities, securing passwords and details, VPNs serve you with a complete package of benefits over the Internet. But nothing good comes without a cost. If you don’t want any drawbacks in the VPN you are going to purchase, you can spare a few dollars for better services, couldn’t you? But you’d make sure at the same time that if you’re paying for something, it should better serve your purpose.

In order to be risk-free, you need to confirm a few things about the service. VPN connections have various features and specifications, and therefore, choosing a better VPN can be a little tricky. To save you from confusion, we have a guide as to what VPN to buy and what are the must-have features that you need to look for in a VPN.

To invest in a VPN connection, you need to first know the basics of how VPNs work and why it is the topmost important thing in the digital world nowadays. In simple words, a VPN is a utility for going anonymous and protected while performing your online activities.

But, the question arises here, what should you look for in a VPN? What is the most important feature to consider while buying a VPN? 

To answer that let’s explore why VPNs are so popular these days. The main reason is that everyone is seeking Online Privacy as their basic need in the crowded digital world of today. And the main function of a VPN is just that, protecting you online! If you use a VPN, you browse in private, no one will be able to track you, you can view restricted content/websites in your country, and play games that are not available in your country.

Thus, a VPN is useful for many things, but there are a few more things that you should know before buying a VPN. We made this guide, so you can select the VPN that will work best for you, and you won’t regret buying it!

Here is the guide that will help you get the maximum out of your invested dollars in any VPN.


Your priority is security. That’s one of the most basic functions of a VPN i.e. to protect you online from hackers and surveillance. Security protocols keep you secure and you can browse without worrying about any mishaps. The security that you desire and look for in a VPN connection is reliant on the protocol that the VPN is offering you and there are different types of protocols such as PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN.

PPTP is an old VPN protocol and it is the most commonly used one. It offers minimal security, but it sets up really fast and is probably the easiest to use among the rest of all protocol types.

L2TP has a secure level of encryption feature for its users. It is easy to use, specifically when it comes to OS devices as they have built-in interfaces for the protocol.

OpenVPN is another type of protocol. It is the most popular browser-based protocol. If you are in search of a VPN protocol that works best for downloading, bypassing geo-restrictions, and giving remote access, then this is the protocol you should look for in a VPN you’re going to purchase.


Another important factor that you should consider is making sure that whether the VPN you are going to buy supports a wide array of platforms and operating systems. In short, it should be versatile. Our advice to you will be to not limit yourself to one platform or OS. Choose a VPN that offers a simultaneous connection to your laptop, your PC, and your smartphone, with extra room left for other devices.

Tech support

Readily available and helpful customer service is really hard to find, nevertheless you must look for it. Choose a VPN with good customer service, especially if you are not well-versed in this field. An exhaustive FAQ section and dedicated expert representatives are signs that a VPN not only offers stellar products, but also values its customers.

Reliable Encription

Your privacy is precious. So, you should buy the VPN that has reliable encryption because encryption technology can make or break a VPN. An outstanding VPN service will offer a variety of encryption modes that will send your internet traffic through multiple servers, and that is how a high level of anonymity is maintained.


What good is a VPN service whose  reach is limited? If you want to use a VPN to access content that is blocked in your country, we recommend that you pay close attention to the availability of a VPN in different countries. Choose a VPN that has servers in many countries.


You sure need privacy protection without revealing any of your search history information, and for that, you need the zero log policy. If you are serious and conscious about your online activity and privacy, then a VPN is certainly your must-have. But, you need a VPN that does not keep any logs of your activities. VPNs that are secure and have no record of what you have been doing online are both beneficial to the users and the VPN providers. Since detailed logging records consume disk space, some of the VPNs dare to keep any log records. And that is all you need, a VPN that doesn’t keep any track of your activity.

Kill Switch Feature

VPN was made for you to keep all of your online activities anonymous and it must serve the purpose. You need to know that the VPN you plan on investing in must have this Kill Switch system in it. It should not disconnect itself and get you into the regular internet connection. Instead, with a VPN, you must stay away from all eyes at all times no matter what. Good and up to the mark VPNs have this Kill Switch feature in their system which protects your VPN connection from suddenly going offline and saves you from getting exposed on the Internet. Suppose, you are in the middle of an online banking transaction and your VPN connection fails right there. But, with the kill switch system, the VPN will automatically cut down the connection so that you won’t be dumped into the internet traffic with your  unsecured, regular internet connection.

Server location

A high number of server locations is the key point you should not miss out on. “How many servers does the VPN have? Where are those servers located?” are the questions that need to be thought about before making any decision. You need to check where the VPN provider or the company is located. If the server location is aligned with your needs, it’s the VPN you should get. If you are using a VPN so that you could avoid government restrictions, you should go for a VPN company located in a country that is least related to your country, that’s the key!


Do your research before you buy a VPN. There are many wonderful VPN services available, and a VPN doesn’t need to be expensive in order for it to be great. There are plenty of budget VPNs available that can compete with the expensive ones, and offer great features as well. If you are thinking of using a free VPN, then let us be honest and tell you that the only advantage of a free VPN is that you don’t pay money for it. We all know very well that nothing is really free in this world. In a free VPN, there are no guarantees what happens to your privacy, security, and overall performance. In fact, in many cases your information is sold for online marketing purposes, and that’s how these free VPN companies earn money while not charging you a penny, making you think they were just generous.

How to Buy a VPN Anonymously?

These were the features you should consider before buying a VPN service. Now, let’s check how to buy a VPN in a smart way. To save you time and confusion, here is a list of tricks by our Experts  on how to buy a VPN service smartly.

By using Gift Cards

Now, how you pay for a VPN service is just as important as how you want to stay anonymous behind your online activity. Paying for a VPN is important, but not an easy task to go. One tool that we have figured out as your VPN payment method is gift cards. You might have them rotting in your wallet since last Christmas, and now is the time to make use of them. Some of the VPN providers accept Gift cards as payment. You can easily pay for a VPN service by converting your gift cards into payment for your VPN. How do you do it? Some of the VPN providers have it on their websites, you can pick a gift card of your preference and you will easily be able to exchange your gift card for a VPN subscription.

Using Bitcoin

Bitcoin is another way for you to buy a VPN. It is like a brand new currency in the market and a new payment network. You can send and receive Bitcoins without having to give away your personal information. You can easily hide your user identity and get your desired VPN subscription.

There is more to how you can buy a VPN anonymously and which VPN to buy. And so, we stop here because we know time is money and you have now figured out the ins and outs of buying a VPN. In a nutshell, invest in a quality VPN service and pay with anonymous mediums for security.

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