5 Best Halloween VPN Deals and Tricks to Scare Hackers and Halloweeners With

It’s the time around the year when you get a hayride of fun with those ghastly costumes, attires, tricks and treats, all with that gory theme you plan so ahead of time. Right as October hits the calendar, everybody heads to malls or visits online stores for the best scary look in town. I personally […]

5 Best Halloween VPN Deals and Tricks to Scare Hackers and Halloweeners With

It’s the time around the year when you get a hayride of fun with those ghastly costumes, attires, tricks and treats, all with that gory theme you plan so ahead of time. Right as October hits the calendar, everybody heads to malls or visits online stores for the best scary look in town.

I personally am a fan of October thrills and Halloween which is why I have related this Halloween blog a little differently, that’s with VPNs. I’ll cry out for Best Halloween VPNs first and then I would love to double treat you with tips on Best Halloween Ideas 2018 to ace this Halloween’s scary look, boo!

5 Best Halloween VPN Deals

The end of each year marks great discounts and VPN deals when the big days of Halloween, Black Friday and Cyber Monday hit the calendar. You can’t really tell which occasion will bring you better deals, so it’s always good to stay updated about deals from different VPN providers and grab the one that fits you best as soon as possible. Here are 5 best Halloween VPN deals that will surprise you the most.


NordVPN is an amazing choice when you want something you can trust blindfolded. It indeed is one of the most experienced VPN providers that ensures a feature-rich service. Military-grade encryption, no logs policy, P2P sharing, fast speed, automatic kill switch and DNS leak protection are some of its best features. It is especially great for video streaming because it is very fast.

Halloween Deal This Year

How can one of the most popular VPNs in the industry miss Halloween to treat you? They are offering an amazing 70% discount for their most favorite 3-year + 1-Month Free plan only for $3.49/month. This offer is available until Halloween along with their regular 30-day money back guarantee and all the amazing features for immaculate security on the internet.

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ExpressVPN is also a hot favorite VPN. It offers many interesting features like:

connection stability, user-friendly VPN applications, kill-switch feature, 160 locations in 94 countries, and openVPN customized for optimum security.

It is also compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, iOS & Routers.

All of these features are the reason why so many people trust ExpressVPN, and the reason why ExpressVPN is so popular.

Halloween deal this year

This year for Halloween, ExpressVPN is offering 49% flat discount and 3 months extra on 1-year ExpressVPN subscription. After the discount, it is priced at $8.32/month along with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you can get 15 months by just paying for 12 months. Amazing, right?

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CyberGhost is also a great VPN. Some of its best features are:

IP address hiding, no-logs, global servers, ad blocking, secure transactions and conversations, malware blocking, multi-platform protection. These amazing features make CyberGhost worthy of being listed in one of the top VPNs today.

Halloween Deal This Year

CyberGhost offers 79% off this Halloween on their 3-year plan. Price at $2.75/month with a 45-day money-back guarantee, this deal is one of our favorites this year.

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Visit IPVanish

Also famous as Users’ favorite, this provider although is a fresher as compared to other providers, it still has gained that never dying trust in users in a short span of time that they always look forward to deals by IPVanish. They offer their best encryption coupled with a 7-day money back guarantee. 

Halloween Deal This Year

This year for Halloween they are offering 46% discount on their 1-year plan along with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Discounted Price: $6.49/month.

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This VPN is famous for their flawless and fast connection. They also provide quite rich deals and discounts. 

Halloween Deal This Year

For this Halloween, they are offering their basic package for a well-priced $3.75/month offer. However, we recommend using their premium package which gives you an extra protocol to ensure maximum security and the VyprVPN cloud feature.

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Private Internet Access

PIA not only renders basic VPN needs but also at very reasonable prices for their packages. PIA doesn’t keep logs, ensures robust encryption using efficient protocols and gives a decent 7-day money back guarantee in case you still aren’t satisfied, nothing is at risk. 

Halloween Deal This Year

They are offering their best 2-year plan which is only worth $2.91/month for their Halloween deal which is better than many other offers for the quality of services they provide.

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Although we have placed it at the end, this VPN is considered as one of the best cheap VPN services.

Halloween Deal This Year

For the occasion of Halloween, they have put in extra effort for Halloween-VPN fans making their deal look especially Halloween like. Their deal offers an amazing 5-year package worth $1.33/month saving you an amazing 87%. 

These deals are only valid until Halloween’s moon descends down the gloomy horizon amidst broom witches and a gazillion bats. So, we recommend selecting your favorite Halloween deal from above and grab it quick, so you don’t miss out on the amazing price reduction you won’t find year round.

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Best Halloween Ideas

This is to all the Halloween fans (like me) out there to try some new looks and ideas for the best Halloween costume and look this time.

Become Unrecognizable

Wondered why Scooby-doo spooks always had masks on? Because ignorance is scary when everything around us is macabre! No matter how definitely the Scooby-Doo gang knew it’s a fake monster, it was always bloodcurdling for them to come across those scary figures. We can relate it to Halloween for sure. 

We know everyone is dressed, but you and I know, we do get scared. However, as soon as we understand who the scary halloweener is, we burst into laughter. But decide, do you want them to laugh or you want them to be scared and you enjoy that? Well, that can only happen if you are not recognizable!

How can we ace this best Halloween idea? To achieve that, you can try bodypainting which is getting quite popular these days when others only follow the boring, age-old trend of painting their faces. Yes, but, bodypainting is a little pricey option. You can try cheap Halloween ideas too, like having a fake beard on for a Flying Dutchman type look and contouring and making up your face for a finished look. 

Another idea is to wear a hull inside your costume that’s available in costume shops to give you a fatter look. Even wearing a long cape and a half face mask with a grey wig and black shades would be great.

Dress Like Star Ghosts

Try making your Halloween look star-like all because all eyes are waiting to see characters they already know. Characters from movies, books, and even myths. Instead of making yourself look gory or gloomy which is usually so commonplace in Halloween parties, pick any of your favorite characters and be their look alike so that you walk that entrance alley with all eyes on you just like a star walking on the red carpet. 

If your favorite character’s look requires too much of effort or it’s gonna cost you too much then you can opt for some easier and cheaper look for the best Halloween idea. For instance, it will only require you your regular makeup and a red cape to give you the Red-Riding Hood look. Or a simple eye patch, a white shirt, a waistcoat, a long wig, and a little messy look can give you the iconic look of Jack Sparrow, Olala! 

The point is to be creative and dress like any famous character that will definitely make all the Halloweeners do a double take at you when you make your entry.

Go Creative

A lot of people make themselves funny or ordinary when they rather chase a stunning look than a horrible one. Remember it’s not your prom night, it’s Halloween. You have to be creative around your horrible look. However, it doesn’t require too much to give you this look or it must not only cost you a lot. 

You can easily make yourself such accessories at home that can nail your best Halloween idea if you just be a little creative. Simple capes, long nails, long wigs, fake teeth can easily be available which when incorporated with messy clothes can give you the desired eerie look. 

However, you don’t want to spend a penny and still want to look scary then sticking one of your eyelids or wearing a spooky old scarf covering your face can suffice.

In the end, I will leave you with the most important tip. Remember, to give yourself a scary look, you must act like ghosts. The most important thing in your best Halloween idea is your countenance. You should wear a scary look on your face and in your behavior which scares people even if you have very little accessories on.

Wish you a scary Halloween and the Best Halloween look. Happy Halloween!

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