UFO VPN Review 2023 – Invading the VPN Industry!

As the vulnerabilities of using the Internet with or without protection are growing ever so fastly, the competition of making state-of-the-art technology to combat them is also gaining grounds rapidly. Amidst this competition, there are certain VPN providers that are doing an excellent job of bringing newer and better features forth for better user experience, […]

UFO VPN Review 2023 – Invading the VPN Industry!

As the vulnerabilities of using the Internet with or without protection are growing ever so fastly, the competition of making state-of-the-art technology to combat them is also gaining grounds rapidly. Amidst this competition, there are certain VPN providers that are doing an excellent job of bringing newer and better features forth for better user experience, and so the competition is never ceasing. As its name has it, UFO VPN is a service extraordinaire in the world of such highly-competitive VPN services.

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Why Use a VPN?

Before we come to the merits of using UFO VPN, let’s discuss the reasons why a VPN is so unavoidable for Internet users. In simple words, a VPN is a secure channel through which the user’s Internet activity data passes without getting revealed to anyone, thereby keeping the user anonymous and the data passed over the internet safe. There are many reasons why a VPN is used all around the world and the awareness of safe and secure internet usage is becoming commonplace. VPNs primarily became popular with the outbreak of hacking as it became impossible for hackers to hack let alone track a system with a VPN service.

Later on, as several other benefits of using a VPN came to light, Internet users started using this utility for other smaller but obvious needs. For instance, unblocking geo-restriction for freedom over the internet, torrenting anonymously which is usually considered as illegal in certain countries, avoiding phishing frauds while exchanging emails and entering passwords, anonymous VoIP calling to name a few. In short, it is a complete utility for making your Internet experience better and safe.

Why Use UFO VPN?

Because ordinary is just too common, let’s try alien! Yes, that too, but on a serious note, we just discussed why so many good VPN services are becoming more and more popular than ever these days. However, there’s more to UFO VPN than the regular reasons to grab their deal. We will now discuss the peculiar features and characteristics of UFO VPN that will make you go head over heels for this VPN.

Enjoy Free Online Security

Internet users are willing to pay for a service that ensures their security online as an unsecured network comes with a heavier price to pay. Despite that, many cheap VPNs have also gained popularity as they offer basic online security features along with saving plans.

enjoy online freedom with ufovpn

Therefore, many users tend to look forward to such services that are lighter on their pockets. However, these services are advised to be chosen wisely as they inflict more harm than good by having poor encryption sometimes. Some of them are widely recommended by reviewers hence are safe to use. On top of cheap VPN services, we get something almost unimaginably good which is a free VPN service. Now, this is a little more controversial than cheap VPNs, however, UFO VPN falling into this category totally has our good word for them for certain good reasons. We have never promoted free VPNs, but UFO VPN is our special mention. After thorough testing, we found out that UFO VPN had a quite good turnout. Not a bad deal at all with nothing to pay but just mere free encryption and download, nickel!

Spoof and Improve Online Experience

One of the main reasons why anyone uses a VPN is unblocking geo-restricted websites. However, unfortunately, while many of the free VPNs claim to successfully unblock every blocked website, they are bound to only certain locations because of their limited servers. On the other hand, UFO VPN is alien to such accusations. They have quite a vast number of servers which extend around the globe, that’s a pretty dominant alien invasion, isn’t it? So, by now you must be wondering why this particular free VPN service is so extraordinary if most of the other free VPNs are a scam. Is it because it is extraterrestrial? Well, yes maybe that too, but mainly because it is a paid VPN and a free VPN both. You can avail better features with their paid versions which we will discuss later in this review.

One more question to ponder is that why having a paid version makes a free VPN service better? Well, that’s because it has got the strength of a paid VPN as it has been developed to cater to paid subscribers, for example, the number of servers, the encryption and no third-party affiliations for exchanging users’ personal data. Unfortunately, these affiliations are usually the case with exclusive free VPN services that earn through such unethical means as there’s no paid version or source of income for such VPNs. Having said that UFO VPN is squeaky-clean in this regard, let’s clarify that they only keep users’ email addresses, log data and crash report solely for user support. Even though this data is harmless and even useless for anyone else than the UFO VPN support team, they keep it extremely confidential for the sake of users’ trust in them. Unlike other free VPNs, they never sell let alone expose the data to any third party for any gains as they already have a paid version which brings home the bacon.

Another good bargain is their vast number of servers, let’s flaunt say 500 servers in different countries which is also quite an impressive number with their free VPN version. This allows you to change your IP address to spoof your location online so that you can save money shopping online. How? Well, most of the e-stores we shop online from have different prices of items for different regions of the world. It just takes you a second to connect to a VPN and change your location. Especially with more servers around the world, it becomes easier to select your desired location where you know you’ll get the maximum discount.

Get Tailor-made Mobile Apps

One of the best things that can attract users to UFO VPN is their well-developed Android and iOS applications. These apps are tailor-made for the best of user experience on mobile platform. From the interface to download speed to app features, there’s everything you need in a mobile VPN app. This is why UFO VPN publicize their mobile app the most because that’s their best make! Apart from their spot-on mobile apps, you can also find their Windows and Mac apps if you want your PCs and laptops to be secure.

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Win and Save With Their Occasional Offers

To improve their experience a bit more, UFO VPN give their occasional offers to their users for saving or winning their membership plans and much more. Fulfilling users’ needs and adding to their satisfaction is one of the reasons why this outlandish VPN has excelled in such a short period of time since its inception. Being a new famed VPN, they go an extra mile for their own competition in the industry. This is actually good news for users as these high-aiming new companies do whatever it takes in order to satisfy for making a bigger clientele. For instance, on Christmas and New Year 2019, they introduced discounts for their particular membership package which we will discuss further as we talk of their memberships. Other than that they also ran a lucky draw between their customers giving away iPhone XS MAX, Pro membership prizes. How cool is that!

More About UFO VPN

This little green VPN has a good profile to boast. Their headquarters are in Hong Kong. The parent company is ToolForest Limited which was founded in 2017. The company is not old enough but has gained grounds rapidly, especially with their trendy offers and application interfaces. They first launched their paid VPN plans and then after their popularity, they introduced their Free VPN software available on iOS and Android mobile devices, Windows and Mac and also on popular browsers like Chrome, Opera, Tor etc. They have 500 servers across the planet in different locations.

One slight downside is their website which gives you the alien feel that you haven’t landed on something mundane. However, that too could be their way of giving that astronomical eerie look for their alien namesake. Whatever is the case, what matters is their service and that’s pretty good, so a big welcome to this E.T!

Their Plans

Except for taking over the Earth, they have three other plans for their subscribers. We recommend using their yearly plan which costs $2.99/month with all their features to enjoy. Their yearly package is the longest they offer with the maximum benefits. However, they have their 1-month and 6-month plans costing $7.99 and $4.99/month respectively.

Their Memberships

They offer three kinds of memberships for their subscribers i.e. Free, Advanced and Premium membership plans which offer different features to users. Their free membership enables users to connect the VPN to a single device. Unlike other VPN providers, UFO VPN keeps the quality of free and paid version experiences quite similar, such as the same number of locations i.e 16 countries and 26 cities across the globe open for both versions. However, of course, their paid membership enables usage of speedier servers located in the same locations and multiple devices to simultaneously connect with. Despite their vast number of servers, they are increasing the number of servers with the passage of time. As a cherry on the top, they offer promotional offers for their premium users such as 30% discount on buying a premium package on New Year which is still up for grabs!

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