GOOSE VPN Review 2023 – Is Goose VPN the most easy-to-use VPN?

Do you sometimes use public Wi-Fi? And if you do, are you aware of the risks you take when logging onto public Wi-Fi? Reduce the risks by using VPN! In this review, you will find out how you could benefit from GOOSE VPN. Easy to use and affordable security! There has been a lot of […]

GOOSE VPN Review 2023 – Is Goose VPN the most easy-to-use VPN?

Do you sometimes use public Wi-Fi? And if you do, are you aware of the risks you take when logging onto public Wi-Fi? Reduce the risks by using VPN! In this review, you will find out how you could benefit from GOOSE VPN. Easy to use and affordable security!

There has been a lot of coverage in the news when it comes to cybercrime. People are increasingly concerned about their online privacy, which seems to be violated more and more. When you use the internet without a VPN, your data is unsecured. Third parties can watch every step you take online, literally even! Your IP address may be exposed which uncovers your location. Hackers can break into the cameras of your devices. VPN secures your online activities.

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Another disadvantage of surfing online without a VPN is that you won’t have access to everything on the internet. When being abroad, geographical barriers prevent you from using specific services that you usually use at home. VPN has it covered.

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Why Should You Use a VPN?

The solution to safe and limitless online surfing is a VPN. VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network. A VPN allows you to transfer your information via an encrypted tunnel. The information is encrypted between your devices and the network. This way your information is protected and secured and won’t be visible to hackers and other organizations who try to spy on you.

Besides encrypting your data, a VPN also changes your IP address. Your private location will be protected because the visible IP address will be one from the server you connect with. This server provides you with a local chosen IP address. Therefore, the internet thinks you have logged on this a local connection. By changing the IP address, not only your safety but also your anonymity will be assured.

A Virtual Goose as a Security Guard

GOOSE VPN is a Dutch VPN service provider. They are a relatively new, but a dedicated player in the market. We have inspected their services to find out what kind of quality they offer. As a Dutch provider, they should comply with the strict legislation of personal information. GOOSE VPN is a VPN handling a strict no log policy. No personal data and online activities are recorded ensuring your limitless online safety at all times.

Not a Techie? Not to Worry!

In general, VPN is considered a difficult subject for most. GOOSE VPN wants to limitless online safety for everyone, regardless of how experienced you are with VPNs. They’ve kept it simple. Easy to install and easy to use. That’s why they instead speak of fans than customers. With a little extra personal attention or a simple gesture, they want to make the difference.

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Another advantage is that GOOSE VPN offers their simple service in multiple languages. You can install the application in the English, Dutch or German language. The website explains VPN in Dutch, English, German, French, and Spanish. Norwegian will follow soon. The portal is offered in English and in Dutch. A deliberate choice, as people might consider the technique of a Virtual Private difficult. Offering the explanation in multiple languages, GOOSE reaches a wide public explaining the simple use of their VPN services.

You don’t have to be a ‘techie’ to use this VPN. Within three steps you are online safely.

  • Create an account
  • Download GOOSE VPN
  • Start surfing safely on the internet

Test-driving GOOSE VPN Services

We took these steps ourselves to see if the application really is as appreciable as GOOSE proclaims. We were surprised about the easy to install and straightforward application. Indeed, no need to be a techie to use this VPN.

Goose VPN support team

Even when you are up against certain problems, the GOOSE VPN support team always has your back. They are 24/7 ready to help you. Something we appreciate very much. You can reach GOOSE VPN by sending them an e-mail or via the live chat on their website. Not in for a chat? On the GOOSE VPN website, you can find many frequently asked questions. In the search bar on the FAQ-page, you can find your particular question quickly. The questions are also easy to find among the various categories. You don’t have to go through an endless list of questions by scrolling before finding a solution.

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Privacy Check

We were pleasantly surprised GOOSE VPN offers a privacy check. With this service, you can check whether you are using a secure connection to the internet via GOOSE VPN. On the page, you can see your new IP address, the provider, the country and the city of the server you are using. This is also the way the internet sees you from now on. Because of this, you can rest assured you are using a secure connection, and your actual location is no longer visible.

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Unlimited Number of Devices

Another GOOSE benefit is that you can use their VPN on an unlimited number of devices with one single account. Only one fee for easy-to-use VPN on your laptop, smartphone, work phone, smart TV etc. GOOSE VPN supports Android, iOS, Mac, Microsoft, Linux, Routers, KODI and Chrome.

The comprehensive technical side of GOOSE VPN

Even though GOOSE VPN doesn’t have many servers you can connect with, the servers they do offer are vast and high-quality. You won’t notice a difference in speed or quality between logging onto public Wi-Fi or using a VPN. Only with VPN, you surf the internet safely. We have tested several GOOSE VPN servers, both P2P and streaming servers. The speed of these servers is quite impressive, which surely adds Goose VPN to the list of Fastest VPNs. GOOSE is a relatively new player in the market. They connect new servers every week.


IKEv2 is the standard GOOSE VPN protocol. This high-speed protocol provides access to surf online fast and safely. It’s not the only protocol to choose from. GOOSE also offers L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, and an OpenVPN. If you want, you can test the speed of these servers by yourself for free. GOOSE VPN offers a 30-day free trial to try their services.

Kill Switch Keeps you Safe, Even with Connection Failures!

To ensure your online safety and privacy, GOOSE VPN has a new feature: The Kill Switch. With the Kill Switch, you are positively assured of your online security and privacy at all times. Should your connection to VPN fail for any reason, GOOSE VPN guarantees that no data goes online unencrypted. You can activate the Kill Switch in the menu of the application by preference. Even during connection failures, the Kill Switch will protect your data. Of course, you can reconnect to GOOSE VPN to browse the internet at a later stage.

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Unrestricted Access to Global Content

Besides online safety, GOOSE VPN also provides unrestricted access to global content. You can watch FIFA Worldcup Online or stream content anywhere in the world through several servers that allow P2P. When you stream with a VPN, you have access to your films and series globally. Think of watching your favorite series in your own language during a holiday or business trip!

How does it work? VPN enables you to choose a server to connect to. The network you log in to thinks the server you are connected with is your geographical location. This means you won’t only have access to your favorite films and series abroad, but you also have access to American films and series while staying home.

When visiting the United States, other films and series will be shown when you connect to a local server. In America, the collection is more extensive because most movies and series are made there. Also, providers possess the licenses for broadcasting.

Worldwide Shopping Opportunities

Overriding geographical barriers with VPN also benefits your shopping opportunities. Again, by letting the network think you are connected to a local server via VPN, you now do have access to web shops offering discounts for local buyers. This can save you tons of dollars, euros or any other currency you want to use.

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In Thailand, for example, local airline tickets are cheaper. When you use a VPN and choose a Thai server, you have access to these local prices. Also, products in certain countries, for example, America, that is cheaper for Americans than for non-citizens. By using a US-server, it seems like you are in America so you can benefit from the US-prices.

Goose VPN Prices and Packages

If you consider installing GOOSE VPN on all your devices, rest assured about the data bundles. These are their packages and prices:

goosevpn pricing

  • Unlimited GOOSE VPN for € 12,99 each month
  • One-year-plan for € 59,88 each year. This one-year-plan will cost you only € 4.99 each month.
  • If you don’t need unlimited data, they also offer a package with 50 GB bandwidth for only € 2,99 each month.
  • Your subscription with GOOSE VPN can be upgraded, downgraded or canceled at any time. For example, when you have selected the 50 GB bandwidth and discovered you won’t make it through the month, you can upgrade to an unlimited subscription at any time.

At the prices GOOSE offers, they are one of the most inexpensive and cheap VPN providers in the world. Try it yourself, compare the prices and you will discover that they rank among the providers offering the cheapest monthly rate we’ve seen.

If you are not convinced, try GOOSE VPN yourself with their 30-day free trial. No surprises you when you sign up for a subscription!

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To Summarize it For You

GOOSE VPN is not only one of the cheapest VPN providers we have come across, they also offer you the option to try it 30 days for free! If you think there is a catch, find out yourself, before you sign up for a subscription. We believe the free trial in combination with the application of VPN on all your devices with one account, are GOOSE’s major benefits.

Also, rest assured about being a ‘techie’ to use this VPN. GOOSE VPN is within reach for everyone. For your grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, and friends. The VPN is easy to use and navigate for to everyone. The support team is 24/7 ready and able to answer your questions.

Extra GOOSE VPN services are the no-log policy, Kill Switch and the privacy check. This check lets you see if you are actually safe online with another IP-address. The Kill Switch secures your online safety, even when connecting to a local server fails. With the no-log policy, none of your data will be recorded.

Thanks to VPN, the geographical blockages are banned. You have access to all streaming content globally. As a result, you have more options when it comes to streaming services and cheaper online shopping.

With all these benefits, why don’t you give GOOSE VPN a try? Let them convince you and try their services 30 days for free!! What have you got to lose?

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