Buffered VPN Review 2023 – Failed to Make an Impact

The Wireless Chord Strangling YOU!All the charm that wireless communication has presented the world at this point of time has come at a great price. The cost we paid was nothing less than our own safe zone; our privacy. Being a member of the high-tech world, where being techie is the new cool, one can […]

Buffered VPN Review 2023 – Failed to Make an Impact

The Wireless Chord Strangling YOU!
All the charm that wireless communication has presented the world at this point of time has come at a great price. The cost we paid was nothing less than our own safe zone; our privacy. Being a member of the high-tech world, where being techie is the new cool, one can hardly resist the desire of not staying online or connected to the internet.
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The Addiction of Belonging

We have to stream the latest content to get a sense of belonging. What about those trends that everyone is talking about? To drink from the well of knowledge, we took a dive we were not prepared for. But finally the cries of the drowned have reached us and warned us about the impending doom that comes along the power of immediate access to information.

Loss of Privacy of Confidential Matters

Just with one click on the “I agree” button to the never-read terms and conditions of all the software and apps, you are already trapped in the vicious circle of constant surveillance. Yes, the government is spying on you with the help of your Internet Service Providers, commonly known as ISPs.

Want to Gain Control?

Millions of people have fallen victim to cyber-bullying and there is no end to it. Whenever evil lurks around and gain control, humanity fights back and we did respond in terms of viral protection aka development of VPNs. Buffered VPN is considered as the ultimate key to browser-based security which is a false belief. This idea is developed with a common situation that everyone faces. The fact that surfing via desktop browsers consumes majority of your bandwidth and is the prime source of heavy use of the internet; people think that a browser developed specifically to fight off the iniquitous entities away from your private and confidential issues is the best solution to your worries. That’s a catch that is actually a snare for users to try out this VPN. As we went about the test, we found out that the VPN did function as it claimed but with loads of IP leaks as a result of poor virtual servers.

Safeguard Tools

A VPN is the right solution to the pressing issue that has baffled the humans’ psyche. However, being prudish while making a choice of a VPN is also a rising question. The charisma of VPNs; has lured millions of people into subscription out of which some of them face a bad experience. Let’s look at the eye-candy of Buffered VPN which might make you choose it.

The Website and App

We do acknowledge that the practicality of its user interface is commendable. The blue theme usually has a soothing effect on the eyes, thereby leaving a good impression of the product. Keeping in view the aesthetic sense, simplicity and accessibility for the users, Buffered VPN is designed in an orderly fashion. It seems like Buffered VPN is especially designed to serve OS users, but doesn’t cater to android users quite efficiently since the app has a so-so rating on play store for several drawbacks in the app, and that too with a handful of reviews. 

The Cost of Hiring the Guard

This particular wannabe protector of your personal information and online activities is a little more expensive than the average. Just like the norm, it also has three packages to offer:  a monthly, a six monthly or an annual plan. The monthly plan being the most expensive of all, the yearly plan comes down to slightly costlier than normal market rate.
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Knowing that Buffered VPN has a record of hiding and vanishing its users IP successfully since years, it is worth the money.
Not all hope is lost as there is no trial period available to check out their services as there is a 30 days money back guarantee offered by Buffered VPN.

Desktop Securing Process

First of all, clicking on the “Get Buffered” tab on the website leads to a form that asks you to fill a form that simply asks for your username, Email ID and a password. After that, all it takes to set up an account is selecting a payment method.
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One single account suffices for the entire family as five simultaneous connections are allowed per account. This blue bird saves yours and your family’s information, Internet activities and privacy in one go.

The Only Way Down To Get It on Smartphones

Another major negative point of Buffered VPN, that is a major setback, is the fact that it does not have a specific app for smartphones on any platform. However, a fully illustrated manual is available on the website for an alternative setup on Android. Indebted to this detailed and harmoniously articulated guide, setting up this VPN is not so hard as the testimonials on the websites prove that.

The Remote Location

For those who are new to the tech business, you should be aware of the so-called Five Eyes. They have formed an alliance to keep an “eye” out for you to tweeze out the terrorists. It is not a myth that the same reason is being used by the intelligence to creep into your individual network activities.
Since the governments of five countries i.e. Canada, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom and Australia have joined their hands together to share their intelligence data, these countries are not safe anymore.
Now coming back to the fact that Buffered VPN is located in a remote location, Hungary, it is way too far from the nefarious entities that are desperate to feed on your moment of weakness.

DNA Analytics Report

Buffered VPN’s server locations are widely spread around the face of the earth covering 39 countries. Even as of now, the development team is working day and night to add more servers as per customers’ requests.
Another classic feature that no other VPN can boast for is its port discovery option. It opens up networks for you in a secure manner that you are being stopped from.
In simple words, if you are a traveler and the airport has special Wi-Fi services for business class only, Buffered VPN shall automatically sneak into the not-so-available port and allow you to use it with full freedom. This totally makes you feel like the Spy Kids back from the future.  Who does not like getting the Wi-Fi we only dreamed of getting into after hopelessly staring on the secured list?

Logs Or No Logs?

That is the question. Due to the duty that Buffered VPN swore to fulfill of keeping you anonymous, they do not keep any data logs. However, some connection logs are kept for a month or two to improve customer services. These are the least of what other VPNs store in their inventories. So all your personal concerns should be washed away.

Connection With You All The Time

Buffered ensures that their customers stay safe all the time in every manner possible. Therefore, their blogs are updated all the time with relevant news of genuine concerns for the users.
The Live Chat option is missing and could do wonders if the team decides to introduce it on website but it takes only minutes to reply to all the queries made via their own personal query form in the “Support” section.
The delineation of setting up Buffered on various Windows and Mac are available that fulfill the needs of the customers. This really gives of a feeling that Buffered cares for its customers.

The Right Frame To Stream From

Credits given to its high speeds, buffering of high quality series are now just a click on the country server away. All physical distances relapse when you virtually get to close in on their national TV shows. Eventually, you end up feeling like foreign country’s national citizen as well as getting full perks while sitting on your comfy sofa.

P2P sharing means that you can torrent as well too! Buffered’s history is a clean slate and no DNS leak reports have been found so far. Hence, Buffered’s performance in speed and protecting users’ identity is the best so far. Being the best at what it does, as the website boasts on the top of its website, it definitely has proved itself too.
Netflix is on the verge of disabling every VPN in the market by blocking them. On the plus side, Buffered’s recent development of relatively new ways of poofing users’ IDs away, Netflix still is unable to bring Buffered down. Hence, it is the safest subscription to go for till another two years by Netflix fans.

Upcoming News

A fully dedicated app for Android is on its way to Google Play followed by a better developed entity on Apple Store too. Furthermore, Buffered Is already available on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux too.

You Are The Judge

Buffered VPN’s true dedication at providing the best of itself, although in a narrower perspective, has proved to be just the thing needed in today’s world. With unquestionable speeds, higher bandwidths and trusted security, one can hardly say no with concrete evidence against it. It is definitely worth a shot and with its 30 days money-back guarantee; nothing can really pull the protection game off as good as Buffered.
Old is gold and so we are told but Buffered has been born out of new technology and logics that aims to achieve what so many in the past have not in such a short time. Anyone can pin their hopes on the fact that Buffered has come a long way to the top since its short time of inception and it has the potential to go way beyond its own present state.
Just give Buffered VPN one shot yourself and with the money-back guarantee, there is nothing that you would have to pay for in the long run for making a bad decision.

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