Predicting 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Grand Finale

The one question that stays in every FIFA fan while watching exciting 2018 FIFA world cup matches is whether or not the teams playing will reach the finals. Ever since the fashion of predicting FIFA world cup grand finale teams by animals started in 2010, people around the world have been using their pet prophesiers […]

Predicting 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Grand Finale

The one question that stays in every FIFA fan while watching exciting 2018 FIFA world cup matches is whether or not the teams playing will reach the finals. Ever since the fashion of predicting FIFA world cup grand finale teams by animals started in 2010, people around the world have been using their pet prophesiers to make the predictions about the matches. The innocents this time like Achilles the CAT are most of the times correct with their predictions just as Paul, the Octopus, the pioneer was. However, when this prediction game started, it was much crispier for debates around the world, whereas now it’s just reserved for late night stories and highlights about the day’s football show.

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What’s more common nowadays is predicting FIFA World Cup Grand Finalists in social gatherings, forums, and tête-à-têtes. Bloggers are also keeping up with the Joneses. To be real and clear, no one can really hit the nail on the head unless it’s too easy to predict when finals close in. For now, experts in this subject who have been following Football for long know every player inside out and can somewhat predict the outcome of most of the matches before they have even started. Such soccer gurus can also analyze the team tactics and formation and foretell what can be the outcome quite nicely. has some of such soccer gurus who have been rightly predicting FIFA every year for years now.

So, if you’re a hardcore football fan, stick with us to check what our soccer gurus have to predict for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia grand finale.

fifa semifinal analysis and pundits predictions

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Show So Far

The excitement of FIFA so far has not been any lesser whether or not fans’ national teams, the host nation or any other country regardless of personal attachments to the team. Likewise, Just as crowds cheer up while watching FIFA live, people sitting in homes feel the same dopamine rush. The first and second rounds have been full of excitement because it was the onset of the show. The second round has been a bit dull for the not-so FIFA fans as soon as the third round came into play in the pit for quarterfinals was set nobody could ignore the outstanding shows.

The teams that qualified for quarterfinals were Argentina,  France, Brazil, Belgium, Russia, Croatia, Sweden, and England. One of the fans-favorite teams among which were Russia,  France, Brazil, Argentina, and Croatia. However, some had to depart the FIFA journey and kiss goodbye to FIFA fans.

The Fantastic Four to the Semi-Finals

So, the debate gets down to the four teams that have been through to the semi-finals in 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. These are Croatia, England, Belgium, and France. Knowing that most of the teams were quite strong in the semifinals that it’s hard to believe if they are knocked out, It’s really gambler’s game to predict who is going to make it to the finals. so let’s check what experts have to say about this gambling. Looking at the history of these teams, including their performances this FIFA will perhaps give you an idea too about the teams that may end up in finals. So let’s look at each victorious team separately.


Belgium in semi final worldcup

Key Players

Belgium has some of the top players playing for big clubs like Eden Hazard who plays for Chelsea, Romelu Lukaku who plays for Manchester United, and Kevin De Bruyne, a midfielder, who plays for Manchester City. With these players, Belgium will at least give an exciting show in the Belgium semi-final against France on July 10th at 02:00 pm (USA, Newyork Time)


Belgium has, particularly, a strong defense and attack because of the players aforementioned. They have one of the tallest players which adds to their strengths especially when you need a header.


Our soccer gurus have been a bit straightforward to mention Belgium’s weakness which is one of their players, Vincent Kompany, who has been a poor defender this time around with many physical frailties about him. However, we never know how surprising it can get in the semi-finals for Kompany to prove himself better.


can France go to Final

Key Players

One of the best players French flaunt on their team is their keeper, Hugo Lloris, who hones his keeping skills in Tottenham. Other significant players who have scored most goals in FIFA 2018 are Antoine Griezmann, a forward, who plays for Atletico Madrid and  Kylian Mbappe, another forward, who plays for Paris Saint Germain. These 2 key players alone have scored half a dozen goals so far in FIFA 2018 Russia.


It can’t be enough to say Lloris does excellent keeping. With alert keeping, French defense doubles itself. Apart from that, we see quite good teamwork.


In the last couple of matches, we have seen more Cartes Jeunes (yellow cards) flowing in the French side. With some of the feverish players like Paul Pogba and Kylian Mbappe, the latter also attempting to fake injuries in order gain referee’s favors, it becomes a bit tough for the team as more yellow four-letter cards seep in.


croatia football team

Key Players

The best ones to mention here include captain fantastic, Luka Modric, who plays for Real Madrid, Ivan Rakitic who plays for Barcelona and Mario Mandzukic who plays for Juventus.


Croatia’s strength lies in their midfield which is more creative and agile with longer passes. They entertain the audience with their freestyle moves; the trickery too majestic even on the screen.


To highlight their weak side, we must talk of their defense which is a little weaker than the rest of the aspects of their game. When their midfield, forward and keeping is too good, their defense could be a loophole in their performance as we calculate the average.

Croatia vs England – Match Kick-Off Time as per USA: 2:00 pm


can England go to Final and Win

Key Players

We see the best of the shows by Harry Kane, a forward, who plays for Tottenham, Dele Alli, a midfielder and Rahim Sterling, a midfielder, who plays for Manchester City.


England’s biggest strength is their attack. They have players playing in the premier league which is the most competitive league in the world. The best thing is that they are more motivated and focused on winning. In the England semi-final against Croatia, they have an edge over their opponent team. They are also quite good at maneuvering corners with headers.


Say, a lack in their defense. Just like their semi-final opponent, Croatia.

Our Prediction For 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Grand Finale

Let’s first predict what can be the result of the forthcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup 2018 semi-final matches and then let’s give a curtain call with the final prediction for a grand final.

The outcome of England Vs Croatia Semi Final

It’s was a little mind-boggling at first when we heard from our experts that both teams have the same weakness, defense. The next question that clicked was then who’s going to win the match?

Well, earlier we said that England has a slight edge over Croatia by which we meant England have a strength that’s stronger than anything else compared with it, and that’s their motivation level. Also, Croatia, in the last two matches went into penalties, whereas England only went once. Moreover, Croatia got a four-day gap before finals, while England got a five-day one. This makes England little more energetic, hopeful and motivated. However, we never know what adrenaline levels players are gonna come with on the big day.

Nevertheless, we are going to be clear and blunt about the outcome to make a prediction. Our soccer gurus predict that England will win the semifinal against Croatia.

The outcome of Belgium Vs France Semi Final

Belgium is stronger than France in many aspects, however, there’s one thing that still makes them superior, that’s their constant energy flow throughout the matches.

Let’s take an example from the previous matches when Belgium was on the brink of being eliminated from the World Cup by Japan, although they did catch up on their energy levels later, they weren’t thoroughly motivated. Therefore, it was luck plus energy, in the end, that made all the difference. Whereas, if they had been energized from the beginning, they wouldn’t be equally dependent upon luck. Here, we aren’t saying that one match defined Belgium’s entire performance in the World Cup, we are only analyzing the dynamics of their energy levels which has more been concentrated towards the second-half of the play.

On the other hand, France has been quite pumped up from the start of the matches. Let’s take an example of France vs Uruguay when the possession was above 60% with teamwork and energy levels in the first 30 minutes of the show.

Therefore, we predict France to win the semi-final against Belgium.

The Final Prediction

According to our aforementioned predictions, England will face France in the grand final. This is no doubt going to be an exciting show if this prediction comes true. They are quite shoulder-to-shoulder in their performances. However, we can’t say any team could win.

Yet again, and thousand times over, we are going to accredit Hugo Lloris for his tactful keeping. Together with him French’s manager, Didier Deschamps has proven to be a lot more tactful and apt than that of the English.

So, we give the curtain call by predicting that in the England vs France FIFA 2018 Final, France will be victorious and take the FIFA trophy home. Fingers crossed!

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