ExpressVPN Review 2022 – The Good, Bad And the UGLY!

While many of the VPN providers only claim to be “The fastest VPN on Earth”, ExpressVPN dares to go the next level to “guarantee” it and endorse it on their homepage. Certainly, their sassy one-month money-back guarantee backs up their claim, while the rest of the competitors have just one-week to offer as a guarantee period. The fastest VPN around the globe still becomes an understatement when it is also fit to be called “the most outspread VPN” as it also works with the ever-challenging Netflix and almost any streaming service to name on the planet.


In this ExpressVPN review, we will cover all the necessary features, ins, and outs which one should definitely know before buying the ExpressVPN subscription.  Express VPN is an all-in-one VPN that is fit for those who can pay a little more to make their life easy with a VPN having seamless features of the solid security, great design, strong performance, and amazing customer service. It can also serve as a package for family use because of its excellent multi-user function. However, those who are a little low on their budgets at the cost of more fuss, more configuration and compromise on security would find it a misfit. This review will revolve around the pros and cons of using ExpressVPN where certainly the latter you will find as a needle in a haystack.





Easy Startup

This is something that gives ExpressVPN a pair of wings. Right after you sign up, you can install a VPN client where you will be asked to input the activation code upon running it for the first time. This particular activation code is unique for each device. This is how your VPN client will save your time logging in since you only use a unique code to open your independent interface. Be sure to save the confirmation email you receive with a link that has this unique code. You can also choose during the installation process whether or not you want the anonymous connection data to be shared for more speed without any compromise on security.




Simply Good

The ExpressVPN app is designed simply to ensure a friendly and intuitive user interface. All you need to do after signing in is to select a server and hit connect to begin using service. You can also star the server for quick access later on. The rest of the basic configuration options like selecting your desired protocol can be managed in the options menu, but it is not a necessary action. Such a simple interface makes this VPN a simply good plug-and-play option for all your VPN needs. This is why it becomes a highly-rated VPN by novice users like kids or elderly users. If you want to close the app’s GUI, then the app will still quietly run in the taskbar to let you easily connect or disconnect servers and access many options without opening the window.



Multi-User Feature

A recent change in ExpressVPN’s policy made it rank higher than before. It features multiple users, which is a maximum of five users to use the services simultaneously. These users can use similar or different five devices to connect with a VPN at the same time. For instance, you can connect similar devices like five laptops at a time or different devices like a phone, tablet and a router as per your wish. A network lock enables all the devices to use the VPN independently and seamlessly.

All ExpressVPN reviews talk about the quality of their service but let’s take a look at how this feature saves your money. Most people don’t have enough money to spend on an expensive VPN service. Let’s face it. ExpressVPN has a high rating but it’s not the most affordable one out there. Students and employees living hand to mouth from a paycheck to another may find it back-breaking. However, let’s face a bigger fact. Although having roommates may be bothering at times, your pool-in can turn into a golden opportunity with ExpressVPN. The most popular pricing plan (15-Month) costs you $6.67 per month. Simply split it five ways and each user only has to cough up $1.33 per month for the best VPN service! Sounds tempting, huh?



Automatic Functions

The automated protocol selection by default is one of the perkiest features of ExpressVPN. This is normally an OpenVPN over UDP. You can also choose to manually connect with OpenVPN over other protocols such as L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, TDP, and SSTP. Due to several security and reliability issues, OpenVPN is considered to be preferred as a better option. However, the automated protocol may not always work out well for you. In that case, you need to find the optimum server protocol combination available from ExpressVPN to make the most of your subscription. How? Well, when you log into your account, you have to select a VPN protocol and a server in the country you wish to unlock content in. Mix and match to discover the perfect choice for that website and note it down for the next time.


Embedded Kill Switch


How can we forget to mention Kill-Switch Feature in a thorough ExpressVPN Review? Well, one of the most successful, latest updates to the app is a “Network Lock”. This feature disables all the internet traffic as the VPN connection drops. This lock is helpful in preventing DNS leaks and functions as a kill switch. Moreover, the app pushes all DNS requests over IPv4 than the comparatively insecure IPv6 protocol. However, encryption levels are never negotiable to speed up the connection in any case whatsoever. 


VPN for Wi-Fi Routers

It is notable that ExpressVPN does not only support mobiles, laptops, desktops, tablets, etc. with a responsive GUI, but it also offers firmware to be used by some popular Wi-Fi router models. It actually works two ways; you can either install the app on your compatible router for free or you can simply buy a router with pre-configured ExpressVPN client. ExpressVPN can be very useful on a router as the internet traffic on all the devices connected to Wi-Fi will be routed via a VPN with a normal subscription.


True to their customer care claims, as attested by many ExpressVPN reviews, you may follow the detailed guide on how to configure your router for ExpressVPN on their official website. Do make sure that you check the compatibility of your router with ExpressVPN before you flash the firmware onto it, otherwise, you might destroy your router forever.

Another boon is that a router is only counted as one device, so it is possible to connect many devices with bandwidth pending through it and still have two more devices left to be configured. This is an amazing loophole ExpressVPN has provided for its customers who wish to save maximum money while enjoying premium security. It’s ideal for large families that cannot afford multiple VPN subscriptions.

Do make sure that you check the compatibility of your router with ExpressVPN before you flash the firmware onto it, otherwise, you might destroy your router forever.


You Are Anonymous

ExpressVPN’s new .onion version of the website has recently been added to entertain anonymous Tor users. This feature of ExpressVPN coupled with Bitcoin payment acceptance successfully enables customers to stay absolutely anonymous and untraceable without leaking their identity or location by any means. They have completely transparent policies about what data they collect and why, so you’re always assured that there is no hidden security threat from their end.


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You Are Secure

User’s security and anonymity is something that we value the most at Time to time we re-assess what is unarguably among the top VPN services in the market in order to see if it still stands up to our VPN experts’ expectations. ExpressVPN places itself beyond the legal bounds of bigshot law enforcement agencies like GCHQ and NSA because it is a part of the British Virgin Islands. The default protocol and OpenVPN traffic are encrypted using the 256-bit AES algorithm, taking it to the next level consumer-level transmission security.  This default encryption standard is never altered even if you wish to change the protocol for a faster experience. ExpressVPN gives shared static IP to users which is again better for your security. There are hundreds and thousands of users using the same IP which makes you securely anonymous.


Customer Care

With all such ease of use, ExpressVPN also stays on the top chart by offering the best customer service available 24/7. You can talk to an experienced, fast and friendly representative at any time using live chat support. This really comes in handy when you’re not aware of which servers will provide the desired results. Most of the popular VPN companies suffer from servers being blacklisted by the authorities. Their representatives can easily point out which servers are ideal based on the website you want to visit, your location and your purpose. You can also access numerous tutorials, troubleshooting guides and FAQs on the website with how-to videos and articles that help you watch live sports and know about different VPN protocol types.




Netflixing Isn’t a Big Deal

Yes certainly, but only on some servers. Since fooling Netflix is one of the biggest challenges in the VPN world, this certainly is an achievement, as the testing of ExpressVPN showed consistent working with Netflix. Pop into the Live Chat and directly request information on servers working perfectly with Netflix.


Cons and Their Solutions


Checking Servers

No review is complete until you discuss all the factors being unbiased and the same is the case in this ExpressVPN review. Since we had to be very critical in picking out the cons as they are almost negligible, we placed this in the negatives, although it just requires one simple step. In case you see a proxy error as you access Netflix, go ahead and contact a representative on live chat support to ask which server can access Netflix at the moment. We cannot disclose the servers due to certain policy issues; however, one thing is for sure that finding the servers is not at all hard with the 24/7 support system. Once you know which server best runs Netflix, you can star it for later use. The same is the case with BBC iPlayer and Hulu that are accessible through certain servers to bypass firewalls efficiently. All you need is a once-and-for-all chat with the support team.


Disconnection Issues on Android

While checking an online streaming app, “Hotstar”, ExpressVPN got disconnected and streaming failed due to geo-restrictions as Hotstar is only accessible within India.



Price For No Compromise

Although it seems rather paradoxical, we will nevertheless place this in the cons list. However, making points as to why ExpressVPN is enlisted in the higher price bracket at least deserves. Against the seemingly higher basic $12.95/ month price, you get many pluses that others don’t have to offer. The money-back-guarantee is yet again quotable here. Plus, if you opt for the 12-Month subscription, then the price jumps down to $8.32/ month which is quite fitting but still higher than many competitors. Another plus is the flexibility of accepting the payment via credit card, Bitcoin, PayPal, and several other third-party payment channels. However unfair it may seem, the world revolves around the brand image. This is the only reason ExpressVPN flaunts its high price tag among the others. Also not to forget mentioning that every good thing comes at a price.

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No Private/Dedicated IP addresses

While OpenVPN has a lot of perks with a shared IP, it still cannot offer you a private IP. Sometimes, shared IP is easy for Netflix to break if your location and identity are traced, but that can be avoided if you know a couple of servers and keep switching between them from time to time.


Limitation of Devices

Everything is coming up roses as long as you are using five devices, but it is not the case as you plan to connect the fourth device. You need to manually disconnect one of the devices if all five are connected in order to connect another one. Therefore, do not leave ExpressVPN connected to a remotely present device which is not accessible easily to be manually disconnected. However, leaving devices open at home where you can easily disconnect is not a problem. Another solution could be directly connecting a router with ExpressVPN so that you can enjoy using the service on as many devices as you wish.




ExpressVPN is widely considered as one of the leading names in the VPN industry and our ExpressVPN review seconds that verdict too. We just had 1 disconnection while testing the app consistently for 7 days, overall ExpressVPN is easy to set up, smooth connection and works well for any purpose be it, streaming, unblocking, encryption or even anonymity as it accepts bitcoin. How do we say that? we tested torrenting, Netflixing (multiple libraries Canada, US, UK), we streamed FIFA matches and, we also did normal surfing. Also, we gave it to the marketers and all of them were very positive when we asked them for reviews.

The customer support is quite agile and will go the extra mile to solve your query. But what makes them so good? Well, the team has a sound knowledge of their product which makes it easy for them to solve users’ queries at their earliest. Both the apps (ios and android) are very easy to use even for a layman. Our team understands the hurdle that a new user will face after downloading the app, so we can assure you it is a smooth, safe process and the support guides will be there in case you need them. There is no such tweaking that you need to do with ExpressVPN, but just in case if you want to try your luck you can do so by hitting the hamburger menu on the top left of the app.

Summing It Up

Our VPN Experts do realize that ExpressVPN is slightly expensive than other options available in the market, this premium offers bang for your buck in terms of performance and security so its a green signal for anyone going to purchase it. ExpressVPN works well with all the devices Fire tv, Mac, Android, Windows, iOS, Linux, Kodi and yes it also plays nicely with routers.