How to Unblock & Watch CW Network outside the US

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The best way to chill this summer is binge-watch your favorite TV shows online. If you look at the top-ranked TV shows with the biggest fan following under their belt, you notice that many of them are aired on CW. Recent trends in the entertainment industry focus on genres like paranormal, fantasy, horror, comic book […]

How to Unblock & Watch CW Network outside the US

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The best way to chill this summer is binge-watch your favorite TV shows online. If you look at the top-ranked TV shows with the biggest fan following under their belt, you notice that many of them are aired on CW. Recent trends in the entertainment industry focus on genres like paranormal, fantasy, horror, comic book heroes, dystopian, etc. These genres have become extremely popular in the last few years. Many excellent TV shows and movies have been adapted from book series and have large fandoms. For example, Twilight, Lord of the Rings, The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games and the Divergent series are just a few of these adaptations which have been highly successful in winning the hearts of viewers worldwide.

CW offers a huge variety of TV shows in every genre you could possibly think of. You can stream the New TV shows currently popular or go back in time for the classics. The best part is that you only need to sign up with a CW account to get started. CW doesn’t require the payment of any subscription fees for users to stream CW shows in high speed and HD content.

Why You Can’t Access CW TV Outside the USA?

The problem with CW is that you can only look up their official website if you reside outside the US, but you can’t stream any of their shows online. Just as you click on the play button, an error message appears saying “Content is not available in your region”. There is a geo-restriction on all of their content. This means that they are able to identify your location and block streaming. How does this happen? Let’s explore the technical facts around this mechanism in easy language.

Firstly, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has a server with a specific IP address that alerts them to your current location when you visit the CW website. Advertisers usually collect information about the location of users to optimize advertisement placement. Websites often track your present location to improve user experience, but in this case, it has the opposite effect. There may be license concerns or political reasons for the website to refuse to stream for users abroad. Streaming websites are not the only ones that have such policies. Governments also ban some websites because of adult content or those owned by news agencies to promote their own version of the news.

How to Unblock CW TV Abroad

Luckily, there is a way to bypass this content ban and access CW TV outside the USA: a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN basically works by hiding your true IP address through which the CW website identifies users. Problem solved! Say you live in the UK and you are dying to watch the final episode of the series The Vampire Diaries. You turn on your VPN, verify your new IP through our IP checking tool and then open up the CW website. You create an account and click on play. You will be able to unblock CW TV abroad instantly and stream the episode in HD.

As you turn on your VPN you connect to a server owned by your VPN provider and combine it with a protocol they offer. If you wish to access CW TV outside the USA, you will have to choose a server present in the USA. Once you connect to it, your IP address will be shown as that of a server in the US. This means that when the CW website tracks your IP address, your location will apparently be somewhere inside the US. So, the CW will be unable to confirm that you live abroad allowing you to stream their shows online.

However, there’s a catch. There are several popular VPNs with servers which have been identified by the CW website. Since they already know about these VPN servers, they will know when you connect to one of these blacklisted servers in the US. A message will appear asking you to switch off your VPN if you are attempting to stream from the US.

Anyways, the good news is that there are many smaller VPN providers which CW has not checked up, therefore, their servers remain undetected by CW. The major VPN companies are not a total loss because they still own quite a few servers in the US operating under the radar of CW. When you subscribe to their service, simply request the servers which allow you to stream CW’s shows on their website from one of their representatives.

The Benefits of Using a VPN

A VPN does a lot more than just conceal your location from streaming websites like CW. The main purpose of a VPN is to provide secure browsing. All websites collect user data to create marketing strategies. You can prevent this by turning on your VPN every time you come online from your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. VPNs are not limited to a single device or operating system. In fact, most allow you to protect your devices simultaneously using a single VPN account.

Moreover, law enforcement agencies snoop around gathering information to create user profiles. You can encrypt all your incoming and outgoing data through a VPN. This offers maximum protection against hackers who might try to control your social media accounts or steal your bank details for monetary theft or criminal activities. Most Tech experts advise using a VPN, especially when you connect to a public network or free Wi-Fi.

Best VPNs to access CW TV Outside the USA


NordVPN is a great choice to unblock CW TV abroad and binge-watch your favorite shows there. NordVPN assures you that they don’t keep any of your records of logging in or out of your account. This is the best way to stop law enforcement agencies from gathering any data about your online activities. They offer 5 protocols you may combine with a VPN server in the US to hide your IP address. Get their 3-Year plan at $2.99/month.

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If you are willing to pay for the highest quality, then there is none other VPN better than ExpressVPN. The salient features of ExpressVPN are the sheer number of countries it serves and their network of state-of-the-art servers. Even if you live in a small country, you will definitely be able to unblock CW TV abroad using ExpressVPN. They offer reliable services in around 87 countries and own more than 136 servers of which many are in the US.

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IPVanish owns around 700 servers in 60 countries. They provide three strong protocols which you can use combined with one of these servers to unblock CW TV abroad. The 1-Year subscription fee  $6.49/month, but it’s really worth every penny! You can connect 5 devices using a single IPVanish account together to stream CW shows. This is a terrific option for savings if you share an internet connection with your roommates or family.

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Quality is really important for a secure VPN connection you can always rely on. You don’t have to opt for free VPNs which are often shady scams. HideMyAss has a starting package of $11.52, but you surely get an amazing service. They have 24/7 live chat, so you can ask them for the servers that will help you unblock CW TV abroad and get quick suggestions. You can stream in HD at high speed with HideMyAss to enjoy the hottest CW shows.

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If you are a student or you just don’t stream CW shows online quite often, then you wouldn’t want to spend too much on your VPN. VyprVPN might be the perfect choice for you because it is quite affordable starting at a mere $6.67/month. You can receive more benefits by subscribing to their more expensive plans. It also developed special apps for Apple and Android users so you can secure your personal devices and unblock CW TV abroad on them.

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A slightly pricier but amazing option is SaferVPN which is pretty impressive for the 3-Year package at only $2.03 per month with a 30-day money back guarantee. They not only offer 4 protocols but their software is compatible with 5 operating systems across various popular devices. Additionally, SaferVPN has some great apps you can download to secure your smartphones and stream live shows. Their 24/7 live customer support will assist you in finding US VPN servers to access CW TV outside the USA.

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Top-Rated CW Shows You Shouldn’t Miss

Since CW is famous for superhero series, you should definitely watch The Flash which is based on our beloved action hero who moves faster than a fighter jet. If you are all about girl power then don’t miss out on Supergirl, the deceptively cute crime-fighting woman with abs of steel. Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is a comic book based series you can absolutely try. Lovers of vampires, demons, angels, werewolves, and anything that goes active in the darkness of the night might like Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and its spinoff series, The Originals. Female viewers have given Jane the Virgin a lot of love, so that’s a refreshing and fun choice too. We tried to suggest different series of common genres. However, Apart from these series mentioned in this guide, you can find hundreds of other series you can definitely search through according to your liking.

3 Steps to Follow

  1. Choose one of the VPNs listed above
  2. Select a server located in the US
  3. Go to the CW Network website, and voila! Enjoy your favorite shows!

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