13 Netflix Tips and Tricks – Become a Netflix Pro!

With the increasing hype of digital services, we don’t only want to use these services online but also know the hacks that can improve the experience. Did you think Netflix is so simple and straightforward that there are no hacks possible with it? Then you could be one of those people who have never tried […]

13 Netflix Tips and Tricks – Become a Netflix Pro!

With the increasing hype of digital services, we don’t only want to use these services online but also know the hacks that can improve the experience. Did you think Netflix is so simple and straightforward that there are no hacks possible with it? Then you could be one of those people who have never tried the shocking tricks and hacks to make the Netflix experience much more according to their liking. We suggest you to go through these amazing tips and tricks that will make you a netflix pro for good.

Are you ready for these amazing Netflix tips and tricks? Let’s get them started then!

Get Smoother Streaming

Nothing is more painful than the annoying buffering icon in the middle of your favorite movie, especially when you’re watching a movie with your friends. In such awkward moments, you can compromise a bit on the quality of audio and video because it’s better than not streaming anything at all!

Just to achieve that, press and hold Ctrl+Shift+Alt and press ‘S’ while you’re streaming. It will open the bit rate menu, where you can select a lower bit rate for your video and audio. It will slightly affect your video and audio quality, but that dreadful buffering icon won’t bother you anymore. You can always ‘reset’ to the previous settings by going on the same menu anytime.

Your Subtitles Can Get Better!

Watching foreign flicks, or just willing to read the dialogues for fun, Netflix has the subtitles ready for you. But, are they readable to you? Why don’t you go to Subtitle Appearance menu in Your Account. Here you can change font size, color, and style for a better, more personalized experience.

Moreover, Netflix only suggests subtitle languages that are more common in your region. Therefore, if you’re bilingual or multilingual and you can’t find that language in the subtitles, you can connect to a VPN and change your location. You’ll be amazed to see how many more options of languages you can get after your IP changed!

Extra Tip: Changing your location doesn’t only give you multilingual subtitle options but also the audio options usually in the same languages as given in the subtitles options. So, you can enjoy your favourite movie in the new language you’ve just learnt. Netflix could be your language learning tool too, Yo!

Here are the subtitle and audio options without a VPN


Now check them out with ExpressVPN


There are Shortcuts

No word games, these keyboard shortcuts might help you get a better Netflix experience.

  •         Space – Toggle Play/Pause
  •         Enter – Toggle Play/Pause
  •         PgUp – Play
  •         PgDn – Pause
  •         F – Full-screen
  •         Esc – Exit full-screen
  •         Shift+Left arrow – Rewind
  •         Shift+Right arrow – Fast Forward
  •         Up arrow – Volume Up
  •         Down arrow – Volume Down
  •         M – Mute toggle

These shortcuts will make you a pro of bingewatching movies, especially if you do it in front of your friends, they will first hoot on you then on their favourite scene!

You Should Make Multiple Profiles – It’s Free

Does Netflix give you creepy or bizarre recommendations sometimes? You know you should feed Netflix with your likes so it will recommend you everything you want from it. For that, go to Edit Profiles and make sure your family or friends have their own profiles.

Now in Your Account, go to Taste Preferences and tell Netflix about what you love. You’ll have to go to Netflix’s website. We recommend you to rate movies and shows that you have watched, because it also helps Netflix to understand what you love.

Netflix gets to know about your likes by two ways, first by your taste preferences mentioned, and then by what you usually watch. If you want to have recommendations of movies in other languages, you need to type a customized search for every language in the search bar for example “French movies” or “Spanish movies” and press enter. It will then show you results of many movies in that language. After habitually searching for these foreign movies and watching them too, Netflix will start giving you suggestions of such movies on its own. Again, connecting to a VPN will give you more suggestions as your IP also matches the region where the language is more commonly spoken.

Set your own Streaming and Buffering Time

That annoying buffering icon can also appear if the Playback Time and Buffering Time have a bigger difference. But there’s something you can do about it. The magic spell is Shift+Alt+Left Click (Shift+Option+Click on a Mac) and it will lead you to a secret menu. Go to Stream Manager and set the Playback rate similar to the Buffering rat. And poof! That buffering icon disappears.

Travelling abroad? You can Unlock Netflix there!

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Keep Track of your Account

There always are moochers and thieves who just put you in the agony for your Netflix account. So here’s what you can do. You can keep track of your account access by going to Your Account > Viewing Activity > See Recent Account Access.

Here you can figure out if there are any suspicious or unusual activities. If there are, then go back to your account settings and click on the option of Sign out of all devices. It will take up to three days, but those moochers will be agonized with the misery of not having their own Netflix accounts.

You should know what’s New on Netflix

You must have liked the Facebook Page of Netflix. They update you about everything new they are bringing, but there are some other ways too. You can also check WhatsNewOnNetflix.com and whats-on-netflix.com to get updated about new Netflix titles.

You can also follow BestVPNDeals on Twitter and Like Our Facebook Page to keep updated about online entertainment & online well being.

Practical Netflix Hacks

Don’t Worry! Your Viewing History Can be Erased

It’s okay if you watched something really very embarrassing because you weren’t feeling good and there was no one there for you. Just go to Your Account and then see your Viewing History. Just click on the X (cross) to remove any title from your history.

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Trust Reddit for Good Netflix Content

There are many Redditors who have a lot to recommend about Netflix and it is always better to know what other people think of the movie you plan to watch on Netflix. It’s a whole new world for Netflix lovers on Reddit. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!


The Auto-Play Control

Auto-Play is a blessing for the binge-watchers and there are many reasons to back it up. But, there are times when you don’t want Netflix to play the next episodes by itself. So, go to Your Account and select Playback Settings and uncheck on the box with option Play next episode automatically.

Get Details of any Netflix Title without Searching on the Internet

RottenNetflix is a chrome extension that gets you all the information you need to know about any Netflix title, real user reviews so you know what movie to spend time on and where not.


Choose wisely between HD Quality and Data Usage

Nothing’s better than watching your favorite movies and shows in HD quality. Every Netflix subscription has the availability of HD video quality for Netflix Titles. Just follow these steps and enjoy Netflix content in HD.

  •         Go to Your Account
  •         Click on Playback Settings
  •         Under the tab of Data Usage, select High
  •         Hit Save


The HD quality is fun and the experience is amazing, but it consumes a lot of data. Make sure that you enjoy the HD quality when connected to Wi-Fi, or else your data package won’t be alive anymore. If you are using your data plan, a lower quality will suit you better.

So these are the amazing Netflix tips that every Netflix lover should know. Have any comments, feedback, or suggestion? Tweet right now with #BestVPNDeals. We would love to hear from you.

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