Best VPN Deals for Chromebook

A Chromebook is a laptop running Google’s Chrome OS as its operating system. The device uses the Google Chrome browser to perform laptop associated tasks, like word processing and web browsing.

As a Chromebook user, you’re susceptible to the same online perils as users of other devices. Perhaps even more so, as many activities performed on a Chromebook require an internet connection.

This means that you could be subject to online phishing attempts and online monitoring

Thankfully, being a Chromebook user doesn’t mean you have to give up your right to privacy: you’ve got a Virtual Private Network!

A VPN encrypts your internet connection and makes it impossible for outside observers to track your online footprint or misuse your personal information.

If you’re traveling abroad and want to access geo-restricted content from streaming services – like Hulu, BBC or Netflix, well, anywhere, then a VPN can help. It also offers consumers layers of privacy and security, especially important when connected to public wi-fi. This means your Chromebook can offer a more enriched online experience, all without worrying a bit!

So which VPN to pick? Each has its merits but we’ve been testing these beauties for years and have narrowed down a list of five crackers for Chromebooks.

In this article, Best VPN Deals reviewed the top 7 best VPNs for use with Chromebook, but also the best features so you know how to use them to allow yourself to enjoy the most enhanced experience.


Fast, well-encrypted connections and optimal privacy and security measures are the standards at NordVPN. The low price they charge for high-quality service makes it an attractive option for users on a tight budget.

Privacy and security protections are well covered when you’re connected to NordVPN. Meanwhile, your privacy will stay intact thanks to NordVPN’s no-logs policy and Bitcoin subscription payment option.

This VPN provider offers both an Android app and a Chrome browser extension.

It does, however, lack a manual setup option.

With more than 5,200 servers operating in 60 countries, this provider’s global server coverage is proficient enough to offer users access to their favorite content.

Connection speeds aren’t an issue with NordVPN, as the connections keep the content flow running smoothly to your Chromebook. Additionally, the VPN service doesn’t restrict you with data caps or bandwidth limitations.

Experienced consumers will love NordVPN –  it’s reliable! But what about beginners finding it hard to navigate their way around the service? Don’t fear! Stay assured that you’ll have plenty of support if you need it. NordVPN offers 24/7 live support chat, email support and a vast knowledge base that’s only one search away.

NordVPN allows a generous 6 simultaneous connections on a single login. If users require more connections, they can access the service via NordVPN-compatible routers.


While their server coverage may be lower than other providers, SurfShark’s privacy and security protections make up for it. Thanks to its kill switch-protected Android app, it delivers VPN protection for your Chromebook. The provider has a no-logs policy, and it happily accepts Bitcoin.

With 500+ servers located in over 50 countries around the globe, Surfshark’s connection speeds will easily keep up with the demands of your Chromebook.

Customer support also presents no issue when you use Surfshark – thanks to its searchable support library, support contact form, and 24/7 live chat option.

The provider generously allows unlimited, simultaneous connections, but if you have a device that doesn’t have a VPN app available, you can also make use of their excellent router support.


ExpressVPN’s global server coverage, privacy protections, and security offerings are among the best in the business. Their connection speeds aren’t to be taken lightly either.

ExpressVPN is an all-rounder – delivering the best protection and performance for Chromebook devices. The provider offers comprehensive global server coverage and top-notch Chromebook support.

ExpressVPN offers an Android app that works with the latest Chrome OS updates, as well as a Google Chrome browser extension. In addition, experienced users can make use of the service’s instructions to manually set up an L2TP connection to the provider’s servers.

The provider offers over 3,000 servers in 94 countries. No matter which location you’d like to appear to be connecting from – ExpressVPN likely has it covered.

All of your Chromebook apps will perform well when you’re streaming video or saving information to the cloud because of ExpressVPN’s quick connection speeds. The provider never imposes data caps or bandwidth limitations.

Customer support is always accessible through the provider’s 24/7 live support chat, ticket tracking system, email support, and searchable library.

Your security is always protected thanks to the provider’s well-encrypted connections. Your privacy is also never in peril, as the provider has a strict no-logs policy when it comes to recording your online travels. It also accepts Bitcoin for subscriptions.

The provider has a limit of 5 simultaneous connections using a single username. Users needing more can take advantage of the provider’s optimal router compatibility to protect multiple devices via a single access point.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is based in the US, so is not a provider for the more NSA-phobic out there. However, it keeps no logs – a claim that it has proven in court. It is uncommon for such definite proof that the VPN backs what it promises. But that’s PIA for you!

A maximum of 5 simultaneous connections are permitted and the provider does boast it’s excellent connection speeds.

Although optional, PIA’s Android app security is top-notch. The service provider offers Chromebook/Chrome OS setup guides using its Android app.


In addition to competitive connection speeds, IPVanish steps it up a notch with their self-owned and operated server farms – no third parties have access to your information.

The provider offers a Chrome browser extension and an Android app, as well as manual OpenVPN and L2TP instructions, along with state-of-the-art privacy and security protections.

IPVanish’s global server coverage is lacking a bit when compared to other providers’ coverage. That said, IPVanish’s connection speeds are more than adequate for an always-connected device like the Chromebook.

Customer support also matches or exceeds other VPN services, with 24/7 chat support, email support and an easily searchable support knowledge base.

While the provider never keeps any logs of your online travel, it doesn’t offer a Bitcoin payment option, which means there isn’t a way to pay anonymously.

IPVanish can protect all of your devices via its extensive router compatibility, it’s also super-generous allowing 10 simultaneous connections.


ProtonVPN has the unique distinction of placing no data restrictions on free users – like most VPN services out there.

You can browse as much as you want, for infinity!

You are limited to just one device at a time though and can only choose between three server locations, but the unlimited data makes up for all that., especially considering Chrome.

It doesn’t hurt that ProtonVPN they are proactively concerned with security and customer privacy.


Goose VPN has some appealing features and products.

The VPN provider has a network of 26 countries.

A wide range of services includes a Chrome extension, and it offers 24/7 customer support via email and chat – 365 days a year!

Best yet – there’s no device limit! So you can connect up to as many devices you want, without having to worry about compromising the quality of your service.

As of right now, Chromebook is one of the most efficient computing devices available today.

That being said, it isn’t free of its own security issues.

So use our recommendations and make the most out of your Chromebook experience!

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